Wednesday, May 26, 2010

patient, not?

So I was browsing through the pictures of what I tangled with
during my 1st year 2nd semester.
I thought how time flies,
it was either the random holidays,
the classes skipping
or the least credit hours one could take that makes the semester so short.
It had been 2 years since I have been in UTP.
Done with my Undergraduate first year and another 3 more years to go.
I am just gonna highlight on 2 happenings
that happened this semester which were eye openers to me.
So let the pictures do the talking shall we?

4 days 3 nights Geological Field Trip
22 different stops from Kelantan -Pahang -Perak
Went from highway adventures to waterfalls
to hot springs to cave to highlands
Field site lectures and whole lot of sweats :D

Meeting with the Rector for Euphonious 2010
Euphonious itself is an eye opener to me
Never did I have so much fun while working
You know it's the right thing when you do something you enjoy much :)




Of course, besides all the fun I had for my classes and events,

I spent more time with my friends.

We just cooked Sarawak Laksa together last weekend,

can beat those stalls back in Sarawak already XD

We did mask and drink tea together on girls night.

My Mum and my brother also made a surprise official visit to UTP.

My brother stayed a week in UTP but decided to go for JPA after that.

New addition to the family, my Mummy hamster Lala gave birth to 4 lil cute pups.

They are so freaking cute we all feel like wanna squeeze them.

So evil but we just can't help it when seeing them sleeping like real babies,

and seeing them eating kuaci almost the size of their head. :D




But that is not the end.

Semester break is coming and we got whole load of plans ahead!

First, I gonna finish all those movies and series I missed.

Then, outing to Ipoh club.

After that, A'Famosa and Malacca trip!

After Malacca, fly back home to Kuching.

1 month back home, meet up old friends, dance lessons or music?

Early July till end of Semester break, the highlight - Sarawak roadtrip.

All the way from Kuching to Sibu, Bintulu and Miri.

After the road trip, fly from Bintulu to KL.

Then to Sunway Lagoon!

After all the excitemet, back to UTP.

-more pictures to be uploaded soon-


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