Monday, June 28, 2010

back on track (behind d scene)

what you wrote,

and what I read.

prayer answered, no?

it's me and you against the world.

are you ready?

to be stronger than ever?

June 23, 12midnight :
I arrived home after a bowling and hang out session with my old friends.
All I wanted was to forget him and tell myself not to remember him.
He left without a word and I was advised that he might need sometime alone.
Exactly at 12am he called.
I was already expecting something bad to happen.
I was all ready and on the other hand praying that my instinct was wrong.
True enough, he told me it was over.
After a week without him, he respected his decision.
Though it was difficult to accept the truth,
I thought it was for our own good.
Love, should not be forced.
That night I told God, if we are meant for each other, we will be.
I trust God and my friends and family were so much helpful.
I had no problem getting over him,
until at night when all the memories rushed back,
and I would cry myself to bed.

25 June, 7pm :
I left town and when back to my Mum's village.
We have a show the following week,
and the best distraction is can have is to dance.
Dance practice and football are what making me facing my days easier.
I put my phone aside, no access to the internet.
Dance, football, dance, football.
They may not get along so well but I like both.
I even told myself I will love England more than I love him.

26 June, 8pm :
My mum got the news of our break up.
She was shocked cause she was already comfortable with him.
She asked me what happened and I was honest with her.
She must be the greatest mum ever.
She told me I will find a better guy and asked me to take care of myself.
I thanked her for being with me during my ups and downs.
At the same time, I told him about my mum's question.
I told him I was upset and not knowing at first, how to tell her.
I received no answer.

27 June, 12noon :
During mass at church I prayed that God will make him happy,
and if we are meant for each other, I asked God for any sign he can give me.
I asked God to protect him now that I am not there for him.
That noon I received a message from him,
"do you believe in second chance?"
and he asked to view his email.
I rushed to use my cousin's broadband and true enough,
he sent me two emails.
An e-card.
It was a shocking message attached that I cried on spot.
I knew he was no the kind of guy who would do all these,
that is when I saw his efforts.
Another was an invitation to view his blog,
another message on how he doubt himself before and after we broke up.
It was so shocking that he even dedicate a lovely song to me.
I never knew he loved me that much,
and was romantic enough for all those.

Right when that all happened,
I thought of God, He gave us the sign.
After the break up, we doubt we can live apart.
We grew stronger than before.
And whatever brought us to that dark phase,
we talked about it and learn to give each other more space.
Thank you Lord.
For the days to come, I will still have faith in You.
Like how much You have in me when I was down.


LoLo said...

is this wat i think it is?

MayLin :: Melinda said...

lolo : what are you thinking? haha

LoLo said...

back together?

MayLin :: Melinda said...

sort of...but we're still working things getting to know what's the problem and avoid repeating the same mistake. :)

LoLo said...

been down that route before. :) don't worry, i'll pray for u guys. hehe

Ch3rry said...

I hope u'll be fine. Like what you said, learn what are your mistakes and don ever repeat them again cuz those mistakes get even worst in the future and will be a burden in ur relationship.

Isabel said...

maylin, glad to hear that. i hope everything is fine between you two. anything just holler k? everything just talk to each other. and pray to God. hugs!! :D