Friday, June 4, 2010

Till then

As seen I have not been updating my blog much. I had been feeling lazy and it has been almost 2 weeks since I finished my final paper. Everyday I wake up to see eveyone on our own laptops watching Gossip girls, Supernatural, Glee, Vampire diaries or 90210. I finished all except Supernatural cause I do not have codec, and I am currently on 90210. Malacca trip coming Tuesday and before that we gonna have all those series marathon. Super broke now so gonna take some simple dinner with the girls. Tomorrow, going down to Ipoh. Selling our massive number of books and my baby hamsters. I am so gonna miss them, hopefully they get nice new owners. Till then......... :)


Anonymous said...

you are one fucking fugly bidayuh gpar

Jimmy said...

Yeah, that's a common comment from a person born without a brain.

You're parents must be assholes coz you're the shit.

And try to learn how to identify yourself next time.
Let me show you, step by step.

1st, write your comment with LOTS of typo like this one.
2nd, move your mouse to the circle beside "Anonymous". stop grabbing your penis. i said, MOUSE, not PENIS. Sign, jerks.
3rd, click "Publish Your Comment"

I can trace your IP, don't you know that?

Sis, don't delete this comment.

MayLin :: Melinda said...

anonymous : and........? what is that supposed to do with the post?

jim : go ahead what you wanna do.

It's not like everyone likes Kenny Sia and Xia Xue as well. When you blog, just be prepared to get psycho ppl commenting.

Jimmy said...

Yeah, my sister is one fucking fugly biatch.

You sulked to your parents since your sister get better shit than you do.

So fuck yeah, be a twat!

BullShitter said...

yea yea yea i finally got a fan who wishes to be like me!!!

Well, try copying this identity, my big fan.

"Bullshitter", the only one and only blogger that is pro enuf to get a fan to be like himself.

Bullshitter said...

for someone who cried over some el cheapo camera, you are just a plain loser just like other pathetic East Malaysians. get the fuck out of malaysia you orang utan HAHAHAHAHA fuck u fake chinese!

MayLin :: Melinda said...

now there are fake jimmy and fake bullshitter. bro, seemed like u got yourself some die hard fans. and fakers, if you are smart and got the brain even the size of a pea, try reading some more educational stuffs than my blog, you will find out how blonde you are talking bout races in my comment box. yell it out in the parliament, run pass the security, I dare you. And yea, if you even got a brain, there is no such thing as fake chinese. duhh