Sunday, June 20, 2010


When he left without a word, I was so depressed.

Tears accompanied me to sleep.

I tried very hard to distract myself by doing things I like.

He makes me wonder whether I will ever be the same girl,

rejecting the better and stand loyal & faith beside him.

I thought I would fight hard to get him back to my side.

It is so hard until I barely want to wake up to face my days.

Until that moment where I remembered,

I wanted him to be by my side so badly when I am sick,

but which guy would stay by a sick girl?

I know if I love him, I must let him go.

I try to remove everything which reminds me of him.

But the stores we visited together, the movies we watched,

the silly words we called each other will always be there.

I love him that much, perhaps he made the right decision,

to leave without a word and never look back.

I do not want him to suffer beside me,

he deserves someone better who can accompany him to the end.

Will my sacrifice be worth it?

There is no time for us, only you.

I learned to accept that fate between us.

You, if you ever read this

I am not dissapointed you left,

I am just dissapointed you never say goodbye.

This, dedicated to you.

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