Saturday, December 11, 2010


Sorry for the title.

I am pissed cause I can't find a suitable one. *blogger phail*

My blog is boring... T____T *yawns*

Reason why I seldom blog?

I kept waking up late for no reason.

I just want to stay in bed longer.

I sleep late.

I hang out with friends till 2AM.

Then I go to bed straight but I watch movie till 4AM.

When I am free, I watch more movie.

I update myself with youtube, tumblr, facebook, twitter.

I got no money *make puss in boots eyes* so I go window shopping.

My life is that amazing. haha.

*slaps self* I should really join some classes during these 2 months.

Where to go yoga, dancing, languages, self defense, swimming?

*roll eyes* Oh shit, I must learn swimming!

Tomorrow must go find ear plugs.

My ear shape traps water *muka lazy to explain why & how*

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