Monday, December 6, 2010


So here is a short post on my 2 nights trip in KL
before my flight back to Kuching.

Our main aim was to try out some highly recommended food
and spend a day at Sunway Lagoon.

Upon touchdown in KL, we went to Pavilion.

And spent 10 hours at Pavilion. Haha.

Of course the 3 hours was spent on a movie at GSC,
watched Harry Potter & the Deathly Hollows 1, like, finally!

We had been holding ourselves back just to watch it in KL.

We even watched Rapunzel first in Ipoh just to cover our movies cravings.


Our first stop after grabbing our movie tickets in Madam Kwan's!

Before food, must camwhore. :) Wan Lin & Sook Harn. I just realized those 2 above both have shoulder
while me & Isabel both have long hair. lol

The recommended Nasi Lemak

Nasi Bajora (not sure whether it's right, sounds something like that)

Bubu Cha cha (among the best so far)

Ok, this one I forgotten the name (blogger phailed)
Should be some Asam Laksa. Thick coconut milk taste.

Rate : 4/5


Before the movie, we had The Loaf, s
neaked in a few pastries and puffs.


After Harry Potter,
we went for Carl's Junior (Jr.).

Not sure what is recommended so we just ordered anything which sounds nice.

That's us, as always. Lots of prickles, salsa and sauces.

Burgers are huge but yeah! I managed to finish mine.
I must be very hungry.

Rate : 3.5/5


After Carl's Junior we took a walk to see the Christmas tree.

And sent Clare off cause she's staying with her friend in a hotel.



We packed Subway for breakfast cause the buy 1 free 1 coupons gonna due soon.

This is like the 3rd or 4th time eating subway, still yummy as always.


Last day in KL we spent our whole day at Sunway Lagoon and Sunway Pyramid.



We went for all parks so we practically went for everything
except the wild animal some zoo alike thing I guess.
We are tired of Zoos, like everywhere we go it's Zoo Zoo Zoooooo, so yeah.

Some of us chickened out, weak hearts, can't force that.

I declined riding some, ride them the last time,
with low blood pressure, I may just faint during the ride.

We even went for the scream park and extreme park.

Scream park was not as fun, cause the ghost can't touch you.
I understand the logic but I went for one
before where the ghost can touch you. Spooky but nice! haha

Extreme park was fun.
At last I get to try Kayaking, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and flying fox.
Yeah, I am that "sakai"...


After the Lagoon, we hang out at Pyramid while choosing a place to dine.

Wanted to go Chilies but apparently Chilies in Pyramid closed down.

So we went for Italiannies.

And coincidently there is Raymond Lam appearance in an hour time.

So we dine while waiting for his arrival
(not a huge fan but this is like the third time we
don't intend to watch the artists but we just happen to be there)

Pardon me cause I don't remember any of the Italian name of the cuisine.

The appetizers....

Ginger wasabi bread with Olive oil and vinegar (i think).

Tomato soup (forgotten the Italian name)

Chicken pasta soup

Bread with tomatoes


The main course...

Cream pasta

Bolognese pasta

Cream rice?? (I seriously don't remember the name)

Penne di bosco, this one I remember cause I ordered it :)

Rate : 4/5


Lots more in our list for KL delicacies but we have limited time,
and limited tummy space. haha

That's all for now!
Stayed tuned for more of my holidays posts!!

Photos credits to Isabel.

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melmonica said...

I love Carl's Jr. A must have when I'm in Pavillion. Cheerios x)