Sunday, March 27, 2011

Across the borderline

So I had been in Subang, Shah Alam and KL for the past 2 days. Upon arrival at KL sentral by using ETS from Batu Gajah, I switched to KTM to proceed to Padang Jawa station. Then used taxi to reach my brother's place. "Camp" at my brother's place in Subang to cut cost. All by myself #foreveralone T____T But I survived.

Had western lunch and then I had an impulse decision to make another surprise (will be in next post) so I spent 3 to 4 hours planning this surprise wtf. After the planning, I walked back to my brother's place alone because he was away for tuition class. While waiting for him to come back, I took a nap.

Around 7pm, he arrived back in his house and we decided to go for dinner at a mamak stall shop nearby. This mamak kinda higher class so a bit more pricey. We had a walk around Giant before going ICity, which is walking distance from my bro's place. wtf all so near no wonder he every month overspent. Coincidentally Dota Pro competition was on at that time, and there was some kinda IT fair.

Pro Dota championship 2011

And yesterday was Earth hour 2011 from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. I was at ICity from 8pm onwards till 9.40pm. It was very pretty and all, those lightings and colours. However I was quite disappointed with that the management was not being cooperative. The lights were all still on during that 1 hour. Me and my brother initially thought it was not Earth hour, else some people would have protested. But after some confirmation, it was Earth hour and no one there bothered. T____T Even Eiffel Tower got it's lights switch off. Thinking about all the electricity used and the maintenance fee, is it necessary?

That night I went to bed around 2.30am after finishing my report for Heart of Tronoh (HOT), I must be a sucky reporter. Goshhh I wonder how my report was being it written in the wee hours.

Woke up at 6.15am the next day, yeap slept for only 4 hours. Headed to the bus station at 7am for church. Church starts at 8.30am. Yea it takes 1 and a half hour by bus to church. Somemore need to change bus type in the middle of our journey. So for those who have church nearby, appreciate it! After church, took light breakfast and headed to Lowyat plaza.

Surveyed for my laptop and landed at a great deal! If you are a vivid gamer you should know that Asus is a famous brand for gaming and graphics. How did I ended up in Asus? Great bargain with great specs. I will blog about it using my new laptop soon. :)

At 3.30pm, headed to Hang Tuah monorail station before changing to LRT because I was to meet up a friend at Sri Petaling. Being a train noob and too much sitting in cars while travelling in KL before this, I took the wrong route, thrice!!! >.<

I didn't know the train was heading to Ampang so I didn't get down at Chan Siew Lin station. I only realized when I reach Maharaja station. So I asked the guard where should I go. He said I must go back to Chan Siew Lin station and go to Platform 2A. So I returned back, waited at Platform 2A and went up after the train arrived. To my horror, I was at the wrong route again! I was heading to Ampang instead or Sri Petaling. I asked a lady in the train and she said I must wait at Platform 2A till the train to Sri Petaling arrives. So, again, I went back to Chan Siew Lin station wtf. This time I paid aatention to the notice board. And I asked a lady again before I went on the train. I sucked cause I was carrying my backpack and laptop here and there.

Despite that, arrived safe at Sri Petaling. Friend, Wan Lin was already waiting in the car. Headed to UTP and reached around 8.30pm.

p/s: forgive me for any errors, I am sleepy now. Slept 5 hours the day before and 4 hours on Saturday. My eye bags looked as if I just got punch. Nights. Off to clear the table for my new lappy which I shall call Abby before bed. *makes evil grin*

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