Sunday, March 6, 2011

Silly, stupid, crazy

This post is solely to voice out opinions. If you feel that my words and phrases are hurting you, feel free to click on the "x" at the top right of the screen.

The past 2 days had been really really silly, stupid and crazy.

1. The basketball match
You ever heard about basketball match which half time is today and continue the other half the next day? It's just crazy. It was supposed to be a friendly match. That is the purpose of Outdoor Carnival, to bond all courses. Since when winning got so important that it seemed to be like a life death matter? I am not going against any teams. The matter of fact, I was not supporting any sides or cheering for any team during the finale. I just watched, and it was scary enough. Even guys did not played that rough. I will not finger point cause I was not in any team. Just think about it. If you are all about winning, you will be stuck in your ow world forever. And yes, you have created enemies and people impression towards you had changed, so good luck.

2. The scam
Story will be modified for privacy and safety. But just let me warn you guys on internet shopping. No matter what you buy online, MUST Google or Yahoo the person's name and account number before you bank in. If you already got conned, it is a must to report to the police. Else this conman will be going around and con more people. It may not be just about getting the money back, but just have more morale to help the others. Or not you are just like this conman, low sense of mentality. Hope the world ends today for you. Here is the list of conmans: It is from lowyat forum because I am active there. But I think once I settle few stuffs, I am going to remove the account and go for the real world stuffs. No more online, it is just too scary when I think back.

Sorry I maybe a little more sarcastic this post. I am just pissed. Why on Earth are there these kind of people? Or maybe I am to stupid that I think most people are kind and good, and that they are aware of the existence of God. Damn. There goes the moody day. Just so silly and stupid. Never thought such things will happen to us. Our Uni life is sooooo dramatic, even in drama also never seen such cases. But Rotiboy saved us, I think. Haha.

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