Thursday, March 3, 2011

This hopeless

My room looks like it had been hit by tornado. I was just sorting things out to see which I rarely use, or never use, and sell off or give them out. My laundry is over flowing, the clothes are not only like a mountain in the laundry basket, now the basket "mountain" too high and the "loose sediments" fell to the floor wtf too much geology. So yea, clothes on bed and all around the floor. It's not eye appealing so I am not gonna show any pictures that will hurt your eyes *faster thank me!*

My tables full of newspapers and magazines. Old newspapers I must say. I have this weird feeling of getting afraid if I got nothing to read when I am bored. I know I have many text books which I am supposed to read but those are way too boring, I read them only when I have insomnia wtf. Back to the old newspapers. So I keep them beside my laptop but the pile is always there untouched because whenever I get bored I go on Youtube first rather than reading wtf I am hopeless.

I am going for Petroleum Geology Conference & Exhibition 2011 (PGCE 2011) this coming Monday and Tuesday at KLCC. Will it be fun? Hope so. I know visiting the exhibitions will be fun and beneficial, but the talks? I am hoping for people with humour. However that would make things kinda silly because the talks will be given by scientists and professors to the professionals. Things gonna get really serious I guess. Then it's Wednesday! Those who read my previous post will know that I mentioned Wednesday will be one of the most important day of my life. Btw, stay tuned for pictures on PGCE 2011!

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