Wednesday, March 16, 2011

under my umbrella

Just had Seismic Interpretation test. Like usual I didn't regret not studying. Yeah right the old people had been lying to you in your face!! Who the heck said that if you don't study you will regret. Chehhh I have not regretted sleeping longer and studying less than half of my sleeping time. *Apa ni half-time ingat main bola ke?* I mean if I slept 8 hours, means I study for less than 4 hours la..aihhh.. Else I will regret studying so hard and still no outcome. But tests different case and final exam different case la ya..please do not try this at home to be like me :)

My parents and youngest brother is currently in Subang, with my younger brother. They landed in KL on Monday and will be there till this coming Friday. So near yet so far T____T. Dad said they won't be coming to Perak because of time constrain. He said their main aim to come KL this time is to expose my youngest brother to KL life, cause he will be having his SPM this year and confirm maybe will pursue his studies in West Malaysia anywhere after that. That is how my parents train us to be future leaders wtf But why I never have one? Aisshhh...unfair. Or maybe I am more independent? Chehhh :P

Mum said my bro rented a car and drove them around in Subang, apparently he knew the roads well already after 1 year. I had been here for 2 years *yea I had been stucked here for approximately 2.5years now* and they still don't trust me driving. So now, who the heck first made the impression that female driving skill sucks?? It must had started from some black and white movies you know whether women only wear dresses and carries umbrella around. they must have secretly drove cars and went into accidents. watufff

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