Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chase the wind

Thank God I made it through the hectic week.

So I am gonna end my 2nd year in 2 weeks time...

Time flies, really.

It's almost 5am now and I am still wide awake blogging.

My biological clock gone wild again.

Yesterday I slept for only 3 hours, or less.

Partly studying but I think another half or more was stucked on Youtube.

Biggggg distraction.

Slept around 5am, lab session was at 8am.

Amazingly I woke up in time,

so semangat yesterday was last class for the semester kan...

During lab and before test,

pouring "elephants and giraffes "wtf cause it was super heavy.

Test ended almost 12.30pm.

Back to my room I managed to stay awake till 3pm.

Thanks to Youtube again...*clasps*

3pm went to find the graduate assistant but apparently he was on leave.

Arghhhh! Got fed up so I went to sleep. Overslept...

Slept till 9PM wtf I was late for dinner with the bf.

Thanks to the bf for being so patient, again.

For the past hours I had been doing this:

My nails...

And watching this:

I know I am way sooooo outdated cause this was premiere in 2009.

Oh well..I've got alot more to catch up.

Later in the afternoon going for facial, I think.

And after that need to start studying.

It's already study week...I mean study days.

My first paper starts next Friday >.<

Till then..Tata!

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