Friday, April 8, 2011

Enjoy the teeth

previous post on hair, now on teeth wtf?

This is a wayyyyyyyyy outdated post.

Sorry if it confuse you but yea, I took off my braces almost a month ago.

My orthodontist is Dr.Eddy from Ong Dental Surgery, Ipoh.

For those who had been following me,

I had my braces on about 1 and half years ago,

when I was in Foundation 2nd semester.

That time I was new in town so a friend,

Michelle search the web for dental clinics.

He's that famous okayyy we found him through the web wtf.

The total I paid for my treatment, almost RM5k.

The treatment itself cost me RM4.5k.

Teeth extraction and fillings all around RM500.

Paid by monthly installment RM150 per month.

Sometimes by myself (using my allowance),

if I run dry wtf I ask from my parents

(who are sooooooo great, everyday ask me enough

money or not wtf make me feel bad only)

Not yet add on fuel, car rentals and all to go appointment from Uni wtf

Must had cost moreee than RM5k.

And the pain every 2-3 days after the appointment.

Haven't plus the sucky menstrual pain every month duhh

No pain no gain?

Let you see the smile of satisfaction wtf

Thank you :)

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jfook said...

Wow you have beautiful teeth now!!

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Anonymous said... it pain when u r getting your braces???????? .....*_*...^_^...$_$...&_&...