Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jaws of life

The reason I was dead away was because of these, not only these actually. Many more which I have submitted and more to come.

Don't bother asking me the marks of my Test, it's not worth the talks

This semester is quite an unlucky semester. This is the first semester I decided not to take part in any events and to focus more on my studies. And of course to relax more. However the more I study, the more I get dissapointed with the grades. Enough to eat "cukup makan" but then I always expect myself to do better.

Most parents will ask their kids to study hard, don't enjoy too much. But my parents will ask me go eat good food, relax, sleep more and so on. If I said I am at the movie or at the mall, my Dad will laugh and being all happy. I never tell them I am studying hard for tests cause my Dad will get all worried, no appetite and all, that was what my Mum told me lar... The bf also half dead tired already giving me advices. I am that kind of girl. Work is work. When I start, I just can't stop, and I get tensed up easily with burdens. Some say it is perfectionist, but I was never there. Tell me, what did I do was perfect?

Plus, this semester we got our lecturers angry. Most of the times lecturer don't care much about attendance and all. You come to class or not, that is your business. But this semester it comes to respect. You sign in for others, you come to class half an hour late, are signs of disrespect. Hopefully our grades can still be saved.

What happened today is even more heart breaking and mind wrecking. So I submitted this report before the weekend. Upon submission, I deleted the file on the computer. Today, I got my report back and I was asked to make some changes, corrections etc. I went back to my room. Search for the file in Recycle bin and boooom! I just remembered I cleared my Recycle bin during the weekend. So my roomie, Clare, said that there is a way to retrieve those files. I found the way in Youtube and boooom!, again! I need to download a Restoration software to retrieve the file. Here comes the worst part. UTP wifi is sick like hell and we are all using LAN. The LAN freaking blocked downloads for exe. files wtf.

So I either type everything back. The typing is fine. But drawing all the diagrams?? That is sick. Or...I will visit the Chancellor complex area tomorrow hoping to get some good wifi signals to download the software. Tragedies happen one after another.

Roomie lost her wallet, got summoned, found her wallet, but lost RM10 wtf.

And hot topics in #girlsroom (introducing my blog's new trend) today, the hauntings in UTP.

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