Monday, May 9, 2011

Battlefield Day 2

Ok if you guys still don't know.

My batch is the 2nd batch taking Petroleum Geoscience

so we only have 1 batch of seniors.

Means 1 past year paper for each subject.

Really sad case but if you think of the first batch,

even more sad case :'(

So I had 2 papers today.

Memang crap la cause every semester I sure have 2 papers in one day.

The paper on the left (QAB2033) came out exactly like past year 98%.

Arrangement pun sebijik (means exact mold la).

The thing is I went through past year to check what I don't need to study fml.

Cause this subject's scope actually kinda wide.

There are so many possible styles of questions.

Nak jugak come out exactly memang fml cause I totally studied what didn't came out.

The paper on the right (TBB1073), this one lagi crap.

This subject we asked the lecturer why Geoscience students need to study.

It is programming la if you see my previous lame post you'll know.

The lecturer also don't know why we need to take fol

He said the management arrange for us to take so take la double fol

This one also come out past year, which I didn't study fml

So screwed cause I wrote the same thing for 4 questions ehehehehe *slaps self*

Only last question I know how to do cause it's database, not progamming.

Now I really thank God I am doing Geoscience it's more my-thing.

These crappy minors stuffs always screw up everything.

Ok now need to study for tomorrow morning's paper!

Not enough time so just study past year and pray hard it will be exact fml.


Aja aja! Fighting!

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