Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Battlefield Day 3

Did I mentioned in my last post about not studying past years

and the paper came out exactly like past year?

You know what's worst?

Studied past year but went totally blank because was mentally exhausted.


How can study so hard, studied for exactly what came out okayyyy...

But suddenly during exam dunnoe what to write.

After exam went for lunch then remembered what the answers were.

That's when I realized I can't work under constraint and pressure fml.

But...................it's over!

Tonight going for buffet steamboat/BBQ,

bowling and maybe catch a movie with the coursemates!

Can't wait to go home. #homesick

Maybe I should not aim so high.

Else the fall will be too painful to bear :)


Wan Lin said...

ahahaha... ya i studied for past year too.. then i forgot how to do!!!! 2 questions somemore... haihs... anyway... nt feeling sad at all cuz going home1!!! take care my dear friend, happy short honeymoon with jeremy!!!!

MayLin :: Melinda said...

yea..all those over dy and we canot make any difference. Now looking forward to go home!! Good luck for u last paper! :)