Sunday, June 5, 2011


Friday was productive, I think.

Productive that at least I didn't spend my day sleeping.

Was out watching X-Men: First class.

Was a nice movie, would be better if we weren't sitting at 3rd row.

But the cinema was packed, totally.

Did some groceries shopping while waiting.

At night went for CSS introduction night.

We were late for mass, but great to see all of them again.

Saturday was not quite.

Woke up late and spent my day watching Korean shows.

Made and ate sushi.

More Korean shows.

Had mamak for supper.

Okay now off to bed.

I have something in mind but I am just plain exhausted,

from...........watching shows :P


p/s: Sorry no images. I should get a camera.

No need dslr, just a semi compact. come...

And the title not related.

The only thing related is I am getting backache
for sitting too long watching Korean shows wtf

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