Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Usually when people see me they will think that I am girly2, those type who wear skirts and dresses. My looks may be deceiving cause my frame is tiny and my height is perhaps a bit less than average. Yes I am not admitting than I am old wtf I am going 21 *gasp*. People who seen me and my brothers for the first time or had never known any of us would have thought I am the youngest.

Well that's not what I want to talk about this time. I just want guys out there to know that not all girls like to wear dresses and skirts, what more to say that those clothes easily zao geng wtf maybe that's why guys like. Do you know I wear the same clothes I go to field trips, to lecture and to the mall? T-shirts, jeans/shorts, sneakers/slippers and done. And the same suit when I go on vacation or when I just sit and chill with my friends.

Tee, shorts, slippers

Tee, jeans, slippers

Tee, shorts, wedges (wtf same tee as above)

Tee, jeans, sneakers, jacket
(it's not even cold but to avoid direct sun contact wtf) and safety hat

I wouldn't mind wearing weird fashions like 2NE1, they are fashionista I look up to. And I have this thought that if only I marry someone like G-Dragon of BigBang or Key of SHINee or JaeJoong of JYJ or Micky of JYJ wtf so many then I don't mind having my wardrobe crashed again (yes, it crashed recently because there were so many clothes. I called the maintenance and had some clothes kept in the boxes, for now)


G-Dragon Kpop Fashionista King

The only time I will wear dress is for special occasions and that is like, twice a year?? It is just that girls in UTP is just different, we are special that we don't want to be defeated by guys so we fight for our rights that we can be like guys also wtf am I talking about. Or maybe I am just talking about myself wtf. I am a proud human being and truthfully thank God that girls are given the opportunity to wear both pants and skirts/dresses wtf.

The special occasion and now this dress is somewhere at the corner of my wardrobe back home

After I put most of my unused clothes in the box (to avoid calling the maintenance again) I realized I only have a few clothes left which I keep wearing. And the wardrobe looks so much clearer, now I can see the back of it through the gaps between the clothes. It used to be so packed I can barely hang them properly wtf.

I actually got lots of updates to do. Went for Ipoh Star Walk 2011. Participated by almost 14k people. Cannot even see the head or tail, me and my friends were like, stuck in the middle. No matter how hard we tried (how fast we walk/run), we still can't see the head. Well I think we were not really in the middle, a bit more front, maybe the first quarter wtf.

After Star Walk managed to catch Green Lantern, not as good as I expected from the trailer. Storyline kinda flat. It ended so easily and fast. I was expecting something else to happen after the villain got killed, like there is another villain or the villain didn't actually died, anything that will twist the movie but suddenly it's a kissing scene wtf. I didn't watch Super 8 but I saw reviews. Rather than watching Green lantern and Super 8, I'd rather watch X-Men again. While waiting for Transformers :)

Off I go, feeling very bloated and dizzy right now. Had too much caffeine. 1 glass white coffee and 1 can of Nescafe, in a row. Wrong move.

By the way I am planning to get a high end point and shoot camera, lightweight for travelling purpose. Any suggestions?


Voon said...

I could totally identify with you! My wardrobe's filled with T-shirts and pants. One must be exceptionally lucky to be able to ferret a skirt outta it, haha.

ken said...

green lantern is just okay.. i have female friends who wear jeans and shirts all the time :)