Friday, June 17, 2011

what else to do

I had been so lazy to blog. This semester started off boring, it is still boring. We have the same few lecturer since 2 years ago revolving around. You see them in 2 different classes, and sometimes get confused which class are you in. Had been sick the past few days, not really sick as in I need the hospital but flu was there since a week ago, and migraine was bad. I had to miss 2 days of classes.

Today is lecture free, and boring. The only thing I am waiting for is Euphonious 2011 happening tonight. I mentioned I registered for Ipoh Star Walk 2011 which will be on the coming Sunday, exactly on Father's Day. I am not sure whether I am not yet excited or I just feel like procrastinating. I had been watching Family Outing non stop for the past weeks the semester started and I just finished Secret Garden in 2 days. Next will be Iris and I will be grabbing for Korean drama(s) from the friends. We are all having Korean fever, somehow.

Well, lets move on with Iris. It is a top rated drama and the genre is unlike most Korean drama with relationship and family conflicts, cry cry etc. The main reason I am going to watch this is because TOP BigBang is in it and he was given got review. Also a fan of Ha Ji Won, she may not be the prettiest Korean actress but at least she don't look so much like a fake doll.

Alright, off I go. Annheonghegaseyo... :)


maCy said...

id experienced tht, having d same BORING lecturer for a few semesters, with 2 or more diff classes.

er bdw id watched iris. and i think its boring. hiks~

eeqa~ said...

IRIS? do you know where can i download these series..? Ive been dying like 6months to find the source :(