Wednesday, August 3, 2011


If I can get my fieldwork extended, then perhaps I will not be going back home till Christmas. If I am to extend, it will be until November, then mind as well I bring my Mum over here for vacation. We'll visit Bangkok and Bali, the double B's. It will be so cool to travel with my Mum. Only the two of us. Travelling with guys are really annoying and troublesome. Except if you meet those adventurous guys who are also shopping freak, food freak and are not bothered walking for whole day. Holidays are fun, but IF I manage to extend. If...if...if....

To the dearly me, be strong, meet the lecturer tomorrow. Discuss everything through so I can stop worrying so much. I feel really annoyed that all this while they kept giving up indefinite answer. Hello?? It is not like we live in UTP and spend our whole life here. Are you going to pay for our hostel during extended stay? Help us write application letter to the management? And help us buy flight tickets back to Borneo? Help us earn money? cause that was supposed to be like our Summer vacation to earn pocket money or relax. Heloooo?? Did you ever consider us doing nothing for the whole semester for this course and suddenly booom, the course starts after the semester ends. Great.

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