Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Did this to do list,

or I call it work loads list yesterday.

Well actually updated it yesterday.

It had been almost the same since like,

2 months ago.

No progress....

This semester is quite tiring.

The lecturers seemed to be lazy as well.

Earlier of the semester,

they seldom enter the class.

Or enter the class late.

So we do the same...

This list is only one part.

I have another part,

covering all other miscellaneous tasks.

Such as my tasks under AAPG and HOT.

Just came back from home 2 days ago,

but I feel like going home again.

Such burden is difficult to bear.

Some more not many people are helpful.

This is a very materialistic world.

Which is why sometimes we just want to be alone.

People you trust and rely on all this while,

may just turn their backs against you anytime~

Will there be a time when only a
hugging pillow can give you comfort?

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