Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I say

Last time during foundation time, I was super nerdy. Just ask my friends and roommate. I used to stay in the room 24/7 and I only eat tapao by roommate. Crazy right?

I only step out of my room to go toilet and lectures. I don't even skip lectures even though they were super boring. And that was probably how I managed to do well in my studies.

Now....Semester by semester, I got more and more off mood. Indeed I do feel education is important, I still want to do well. But it is not everything. Getting at 4.0 is not a life achievement. Like how those who were smarter than Bill Gates now works under Bill Gates.

It does make me lazier to study, but also motivates me to find life. Because life isn't about everything in this Uni. I managed to go out and spend my time knowing more people. I got to go out and hunt for all the good food. 

It is true, life is short and we just need to experiences everything while we still have the time. 

Now 3 more semesters before graduation, not including my internship...I am thinking that why some people can just study their asses off. If your life ends tomorrow and your whole life is just books, your life is misery.

Even Einstein was not as good as told, he probably had a nice live with many women around him. Try finding out bout Einstein if you don't get what I am trying to say.

I look at my books and ask, why am I doing this? For my grades? For my future?

Anyways, for the past 4 days I had been doing nothing but eating, playing games, sleeping, more eating, games and sleep. The lecturers and not doing so well, so I don't think I will do well too. Somehow it just reflects. I am not good in studying on my own, because this is not really my interest. 

I guess this is where someone will tell me to follow my dream? 

A week till my first paper. And I have 2 papers in 1 day, again!! For the 3rd or 4th semester in a row, crappp. I mind as well laugh my ass off again like last night. I thought own aim in life is to live happily? wtf

People say during exam period your mind goes a little bit haywire and this is when suicidal rate is the highest. What am I talking about? Heck. No, I am not going to suicide. Thank you.

Update: friday steamboat, monday potluck, tuesday bbq. when to study? I live to eat and sleep. oh yeahhhh. Probably should call my Dad, tell him and eating well and living well. He is always worried I don't get enough food 

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