Monday, August 15, 2011

Trust yourself

At times when you feel out of place.
When you feel that you are all alone.
Don't forget many are looking after you.

Dedicate this post to my dear brother,

It is not the time to give up yet.
These are just tests from the Heavenly father.

If you give up now,
you might not be able to go further.

Try your best to get through,
leave the rest to God.

If He chooses you,
you must be amazing,
just that you have not realized.

He gave you a pass,
means He saw hope in you,
and you just need to work harder in the future.

Daddy willing to give you his all,
for your success cause he trusts you.
Now why should you not have faith in yourself?

You may not be genius,
so why bother comparing with the geniuses.

You know what are best for yourself.
Pray hard for His guidance.

Good luck and God bless :)

Love always, Sis.

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