Thursday, August 18, 2011

zombie attack

Today is just another "most" tiring day in my Uni life.

Here is what happened in chronological order.

I planned to sleep early so I can wake up early.

Went to bed around 2AM after AAPG-UTP-SC voting session.

Didn't get to sleep at all. Was lying in bed for 2 hours trying to sleep.

Woke up at 4AM because got bitten by mosquitoes.

So since I cannot sleep, mind as well I study and sleep when it's day.

So I studied (actually scan through) for 2-3 hours,

the other remaining hours I was playing The Sims Social,

when is currently the craze Facebook game in my Uni.

And also eat some snacks as breakfast.

So at 8AM I went to bed.

As soon as I hit the bed, I heard people cutting grass outside.

So I lied in bed and stayed awake for an hour or so.

Finally get to sleep for 1 and half hour before my test at 11AM.

I was feeling so dizzy and my eyes barely opened.

The lecturer came half an hour late.

We had to change venue half way through the test
(because another class was need to use the room).

We went around holding our test paper and going room to room.

Settled down in a room, did the test for another 15minutes.

After the test, I went to the mini mart to get a waffle for dinner. Sad case.

Then all the way to undercroft to get my parcel.

It arrived almost 2 weeks ago but I was too busy to get it.

Then walked back to the test venue at block 14 to find the HOD.

Only to find out he will be having a meeting so is not free to talk.

Found out what I did for my assignment is wrong,

and it is due tomorrow. Shit.

Walked back to my room like a zombie,

and now I am going to sleep my ass off before working my ass off again.

And realized many of us having dark eyes circles lately.

It gets worst as we get older.


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