Monday, November 28, 2011

For beauty

I had been sleeping a lot =.= *great way to start a blog post*

And I finished watching City Hunter in 2 days.

I know I am left out, wtf this person went Korea but Korea's most famous City Hunter now only watch.

Fine actually I had so many series in my external hard disk that I don't know where to start.

Before this I watched Lie to Me and that took me 2 days as well.

Now I feel so headache and drowsy because my biological clock gone wild.

What not? I watched the series till 6AM, sleep the whole day till 7PM.

Start watching again till 8AM and sleep till 5PM.

Meaning the whole time everyone was awake, I was asleep and vice versa.

Oh and, I just did laser treatment for my oil seeds. Painful........

Took this image from Google image cause I am too lazy to transfer picture.

Mine looks like that, only more and bigger that I decided to go through that horrid pain >.<

I almost cried but I kept thinking "for beauty..for beauty.."

wtf so this is how all ladies suffer for beauty.

Plastic surgeries, waxing, high heels, contact lenses, hair extensions bla bla bla...

Cost me....RM700+ for package of 2 treatments   T_______T

I had been wanting to do it long time ago but recovery takes around 2-3 weeks.

So after 2 weeks I need to get back and do 2nd treatment.

Sorry my English so broken, I am going to bed now.

Working again tomorrow.

Will blog about day 6 in Korea, where we met Se7en!!

And my working life, just remind me to bring camera along.

~blogged from my bed :)

Good night! :D

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