Saturday, November 12, 2011

great life

So had been...great?? Yeah not awesome but great, at least when I am out. Had been hanging out with my buddies. Did buddies stuffs, girly stuffs. Done shop, movie, karaoke, lunch, dinner. Distance traveled with cousies, and sleep over at cousie's place. 

Besides that, when I only stay at home, it's all bored. I got no job, no class and there is no sales (yes, I am a typical girl) :) But just as when I was called to attend dance classes and start learning Korean language, I got busy. I was requested to be back at my village for a dance performance. And all of a sudden I got so little time for so many things, I gave up looking for a job (and since there is only almost a month left to Christmas yuhoo!!).

Anyways, had not been taking pictures for my blog. Baddd blogger. Enjoying self much and had not been carrying my camera around. Should make it a habit to bring it around and capture all the great moments.

Watched Immortals just now, coincidentally during Malaysia's premier date. Hahahaha! Was randomly trying our luck on any movies available. My verdict? 3/5. I give the extra points on exciting story line. There is not a single boring part and extra points on being extra brutal. Gruesome movie... But minus the points on....I don't really get the plots, which is why I am reading the synopsis now and I think you should read it first as well. We are guessing there will be a sequel? Because Theseus (main character) had a son? Opppsss did I just burp that out? 

I think I'll need a facial next week before I balik kampung. Some self pampering will do no harm :)

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