Friday, January 27, 2012

Too late for resolution?

I know it is very late for a new year resolution, I never actually do new year resolution because I just follow the flow (read: money and time). This time I made my own ermmm not resolution but just some aim because I thought I made too many impulse decisions which gave my parents almost-heart attacks moments all the time. 

I am very fond of adventures which really freak my parents out because I am the only daughter in the family, though the eldest child. But yes, parents still think I am a good child. I spent mostly on food and travel, no useless stuffs like clothes, games or changing mobile phones every few months. I do not have a curfew but I still go back home for my bed even if it is at 3AM.

Seeing that I will be starting my industrial training very soon, this coming June, I thought maybe I should start doing something matured before going into actual working life. So this is my list of must do once I get back to Uni. My flight is at freaking 6.05AM from Kuching to KL tomorrow morning *yawns*

1. Loose those thighs fats
I travel a lot so I eat a lot. There is no meaning in traveling if you don't try ALL (at least the best) different dishes which cannot be found at your hometown. Even if there are, they surely will taste different. And for me, the fats all accumulate at the wrong places, you get what I mean.

2. Be more tidy and organized
Honestly, I probably sleep my room only once a month, and change those bed sheets once a month too. Only clean and tidy my table when it is extraordinary messy with all the insects corpse. Sorry, I am not a very tidy person considering I am a girl. Hey, girls have lots of extra stuffs compared to guys. Which is why this time, I plan to donate those unwanted items to the orphanage.

3. Cook on my own
Just got the news from my Roomie who went back earlier that our house is in bad condition, she said it smells and is kinda dirty. Which made me think twice on whether I should cook. But I guess spaghetti, sandwiches, cereals, herbal soups and hard boiled eggs are fine? As long as I get to eat a proper breakfast.

4. Turn 2 tone fairer
I admit I am naturally tanned cause I am not a pure Chinese but traveling had got me darker. 1 month of work at the office, I managed to get much fairer but after that I went for 3 weeks continuous holiday in tropical countries. Now I am back with slippers, shorts and T-shirts lines. I guess I will invest in more cardigans and long pants.

5. Get a good company for Industrial training
It is near impossible to get an internship in Kuching for my field. The nearest location will be in Miri or Bintulu. I am not hoping much for this because I am not the top student in class and people like me do not usually get what we want *emo*. But I will just try my best and wish me luck!

6. Keep the hair long
No, I did not regret chopping off that 2 inches of dead hair but I dislike having hair length which is not long and not short, it gets so difficult to manage. This time maybe I will keep it till waist length and learn not to get fed up of it :)

7. Brush up Korean, Spanish & French language
I learnt Korean before my travel to Korea and I did follow up a month after but pretty soon I was working and went on more trips. So now I still understand pretty much but when it comes to reading I suck max. It is time to polish up so that I will not forget what I learned. I understood Spanish a lil during my early Secondary school because I watched all those Mexican dramas everyday, soon I spoke a lil Spanish but never learnt to read or write. Still remember some but need extra polishing. I never had much interest in French but now since it is an International language and actually found out it sounds sexy, I will try to learn some phrases for better opportunities in the future.

8. Save up for a year end trip!
This is a must and comes together with #5 (read: get a good pay). I told my parents that I plan to go Australia (but maybe Europe if I can save more :P) and Dad was okay as long as I do not go for abrupt trip again this March (mid sem break) and May (break before Internship starts). I guess I will pass those 2 breaks and save up more for a bigger year end trip. Hooray!

That was all for now, if I thought of any I will add on to the list (for self reference as well) :)

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