Friday, June 22, 2012

Count your blessings, not your worries

I am supposed to blog about WWOOF Korea again but I am so lazy to edit the pictures. So since I really wanted to jot down my blessings, here are some light updates but it is going to be very wordy!

Just ended third week of internship! Doing quite well despite my supervisor went missing for the past 3 days without any news, I guess he is busy with his project. Started my internship with the Petroleum Engineering Geoscience department and eventhough I was initially anxious on how working environment would be, it was much better than expected!

Hearing complains from friends who said they are asked to do paper works, key in data, do Minutes of meeting, filing documents, photocopying and all those office works...I am glad I never need to do any of those. In fact nobody ever asked us to do anything. From the first day at work, we were already learning. For first 2 weeks, we had talks, lectures, core lab visit, tutorial etc. Felt so lucky! From day one we were already gaining knowledge and had known much more about the industry. 

Colleagues are amazing! You can ask anyone to how you, to teach you, and all of them are willing. And if they do not have the knowledge on that particular subject, they will bring you the expert, not just mention a name and want you to roam around the office looking for people. When doing my project at the workstation, you can just stop anyone who walk past and they could be so helpful! And they are also willing to teach more than what you want to know :)

And the good thing when you work with PETRONAS is probably there is always free food :) After every talks and you will just possibly have a trolley of food passing in front of you at anytime of the day, for free. But, another reason why eating free food all the time will not be a big problem access to Twin Towers Fitness Centre. It is in fact one of the best equipped gyms in Kuala Lumpur. Great thing is they have classes twice a day and you can just join the excitement! I have yet to try the sauna! :D

In fact yesterday was a pretty amazing day. Early in the morning I was very pissed at these few people in the train. They entered the train, just sat there and took nap. And right in front of them were 2 old ladies. Really old okay, not only all grey hair but also hunched back. I sort of stared at them the whole time with my burning eyes, God will punish them better. After that we went to Citibank to meet our project team, the senior there was so friendly he taught us and gave us much knowledge. In the evening I helped an uncle and his little daughter to reload his touch and go cause he can't read well. It's an amazing day to know that me myself, that I still care. And there are still helpful people around.

The day before, I was walking back alone. One the way a lady stopped me! I was surprised but she asked me where did I got my "Teach for Malaysia" bag that I always used. I was in fact interested in the program but had to reconsider due to my loan and bonding. She was super friendly and she turned out to be the Training and support director of the program from America. She was so enthusiastic and fully support me if I want to join. She is currently doing her doctoral (well actually I got all these from the website to confirm but she did talked to me like 10mins). Friendly people, I like!

2 days ago I wanted to borrow money from my brother because I was low on cash. However he was in India and wire-line transfer alone cost $30. Just before I wanted to text my Dad about it, a friend told me that my allowance is in! And soon after that, my brother Wassup me and told me he can't lend me because he needs to pay for something. God is great ain't He? ^___^

My accommodation is great too!! Very convenient to find food and near to the LRT station :) Though quite pricey, the strict security, cleanliness and swimming pool are totally worthy! :) What I am most excited and feel blessed of, my parents and youngest brother will be coming to KL this coming Thursday! I won't be going home till next year so visit from family is really something I look forward to!

With love,
and truly blessed,
Mei Lin

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