Sunday, June 10, 2012


It has been a very long time..... ^__^ Pictures from this post will be from my Instagram so it's you are my follower, I am sure you seen these pictures before :)

Had been really busy with life, plus not having internet access for the past 2 weeks. Just ended the first week of my Industrial training at Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd. Yes, I will proudly say that I am working in this building with represents Malaysia and probably the only thing that appears in a foreigner's mind when you mention Malaysia. (don't question me because I alwayssss get people asking where is Malaysia whenever I said I am from Malaysia)

Twin towers! :)

Brought this calender for my work table LOL

22 years in Malaysia and my first time on Sky Bridge, for free!! :D

Half year past but just got my first planner, for free too! :D

New flats for work. Who the heck wants to walks downhill & ride LRT on heels >.<

First week was super boring so I brought my Korean notes and read up a bit :)

Waited 2 hours to make this freaking card, turned out it's 
without my picture or name cause I am only an Intern hmmmph

My position, a trainee Geoscientist. Daily routines: wake up at 6.15am, ride LRT at 7am...start work at 8am, get off work at 5pm...only reach home at, sleep LOL Gonna get my project title on Tuesday so let's see how things go... 

I got lots to blog about!!! About this place I am staying...moved in a week earlier than my first day of my Internship.

Though I can't really swim, the pool must be my favourite part of our condominium :)

First week I was home alone so I had to eat

The reason I flew to KL a week earlier and had to stay overnight at LCCT is for Big Bang Fan club meeting at Full house.. I am probably the self admit most devoted Big Bang fan. Took 12am flight from Kuching and after a night at LCCT I went straight for the fan meeting. Looking hideous like hell but had a great time with VIPS (of what Big Bang fans are called).

Organized by Malaysia BB 1st :)

Took polaroids which are sent to Big Bang!! ^^

Big Bang Alive Tour (coming soon) in Malaysia.... I already spam my Twitter with Big Bang, so I am not gonna do the same to my blog, except anything major ◕‿‿◕

Hugeeeee fan of Big Bang! ^__^

Will make proper updates with proper HQ pictures from my camera when I am free. Now off to iron my clothes and to bed. Boys and girls, advice from this big sis..learn to be independent, it will be very important in future :)

With Love, 
Mei Lin


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