Monday, July 7, 2008

1 more day

1 more day and i'll be going to Penang..
Den, register at UTP on 12th July..
Orientation for 1 week..
Will update my blog after orientation..
Which means after 20th July..
Stay tuned for more info bout my life in UTP..

Saturday, July 5, 2008

One More Week with My Family

One more week, I'll be flying to Pulau Pinang..
Or to be more precise, going to Perak...
I am not sure whether I am anxious of it.
I felt like leaving home long time ago, even when I was still in primary school.

I am born in a strict family..
Getting beaten up, nagged, scolded, slapped, kicked and etc was nothing anymore.
I had thought to run away from home, or even suicide couple of times..
But thinking of the pain and sufferings after that,
I canceled my intention.

Actually, my family was not that bad,
without them..
I will not even have the chance to go to Perak in one more week..

However, recently..
Due to my 7 months of long holidays..
I had faced lots of difficulties at home.
Especially when now,
I am not working and not schooling..just staying at home..
I watched cold wars between my parents for almost 1 whole month..
No talking, no more eating dinner together...
And worst, my mum said she would had divorced my dad if she was weak..
Luckily everything when back to normal few days ago..
Thanks to my uncle..
You know, my parents want to show good impression to my uncle..

Besides, I had been quarreling a lot with my brothers.
I am the eldest, but the only daughter..
I always get bullied by the guys.
Few days ago, I lost my temper and smashed the computer..
Then, it jammed.
Guessed who paid for the service?
My youngest brother..

My family is not that bad after all..
Even though my mum sure does represent a fierce tiger at times,
making me drop my tears and creating scars on my arms..
I love still them all..

To my dearest cousins,
Calidya (UNIMAS) and Grace (UiTM)..
Good luck in your studies!!
Keep in touch.

To my dearest friends,
where ever you are right now..
Good luck in what ever you are doing..
God bless you all!!