Thursday, September 19, 2013

Unofficially Graduated

Had not been posting anything much during my final year studies, almost nothing.
Not that I have nothing to blog and share but was probably too occupied.
Now that I am unemployed and too free,
here is a blog post nothing bout what happened the whole year, just what happened at the end :)

Happy unofficial graduation!!
(happened 2 weeks ago but I just got sometime to blog)

My course is the Second batch of Petroleum Geoscience.
Mind you my Dad had a tough time digesting what is the title of my Bachelor Degree.
This course is so specific (I'm unsure in a good or bad way) 
that it's offered only in 2(?) universities worldwide

Anyways, here is a pic right after our final paper!!

This one taken at our famous Chancellor Complex.

credit on pic

And actually Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS's Chancellor Hall/ Complex looks like this~
The award winning architecture:

credit to Google Image
And this is another picture taken at the Information Resource Centre (IRC), or you can just call...library.
But we don't call it a library (maybe because we have a F1 Race Car inside..ok obviously not)

This is how the IRC actually looks like, I mean partially, this is probably 5% or less of the IRC:

credit to Google Image

And this last image was taken during batch Farewell Dinner.
If you see so many oddly dressed it's because the theme was Lights! Camera! Action!

In order to protect the privacy of people involved, that all about the end of my Undergraduate studies.
Results will be announced...tomorrow I guess?

Blog post is a little boring but in order to protect my privacy as well, that's all for now!
But I guess now I can start opening up about my life again.
I had been quite "decent" in Facebook as well, but ramble about my life so much on Twitter wtf

So any suggestion on the next move?
I'm desperately seeking for a job right now because I'm "leaching" from my parents Fml
So any openings for part time event crew, promoter, sales, documentation etc. in Kuching,
do email

(even though my current Resume is impressive *ehem* but solely for Geologist/Geophysicist openings)

Fearing pregnancy

I got pregnant and have a kid O.o
It is the weirdest dream I had so far, besides watching people die fml

When I found out I was pregnant I got really scared.
And only after I gave birth I started figuring how did I got pregnant because I never had sex wtf
I don't remember the whole giving birth scene, it doesn't exist in the dream @_@
Like my usual dreams, the story was not continuous, choppy here and there.
I was pregnant and the next thing I knew was the baby can already walk wtf.

When I woke up I felt my brain so messed up.
Like how did this happen I don't even have a boyfriend wtf.
Even weirder is that in the dream I kept thinking whether I got raped but cannot recall anything.
And I counted the months since I gave birth just to recall what happened 9 months back =.=
That was when I woke up with my heart rate so fast.
I even check my tummy, thank God it was just a dream fml

I guess that dream was due to the amount of people I knew getting pregnant before marriage wtf
Because these people got pregnant so early, like when they can barely support their own lives,
I developed fear for getting pregnant and having children =.=

I truthfully admit that I still need more time for myself, in my own world.
And I wouldn't want to be tied down unless the other half shares the same interest, explore the world and doing silly impulsive things/trips.
I guess after multiples heartbreaks I became quite picky.
At a moment I figured it's ok to be single and spent my money on some needy children.

You know when you were younger your parents stopped you from having boyfriend/girlfriend.
At my age, your parents get worried that you can't get any.
And even if they introduce you to some you wouldn't want to?
But who knows....till the day I stop fearing pregnancy...and love wtf

Anyways, here is an extra info.
My brother is studying medical.
And maybe some of you reading this post is a doctor, medical practitioner or medical students...
He said there is a higher risk of cervical cancer for early sex and late menopause.
So if you are really young (I know I'm considered the right age but anyways...),
if you are like 21 and below, it might affect your hormones.
I guess everyone knows how hormones affect females during PMS.

And if you came to this post because you are a pregnant teenager,
(just in case Google brought you here)
You can read this:

I don't know why am I sharing this,
I must be so bored, kthanxbai  :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Unofficial Graduation

Hello to unofficial graduation! *throws confetti*

Approximately 4 hours ago, I finished my last exam for my Bachelor Degree!

Weird enough, I didn't feel as much excited as I expect to be.

Probably because I still have a presentation coming on Monday?

Or maybe because I always prefer studying than working?

Done with exam is of course a good thing, no one loves exam.

But I probably already know that out there I would be tested for something bigger.

Do I smell fear?

Truthfully for all 5 years of my Foundation and Undergraduate studies,

all I did was to study.

I never know how much I need to pay for my tuition fees every semester,

how much my hostel, the Uni's facilities cost, whether I need to pay any dues.

All I did was tried my best in everything.

Maintaining my grade helped me secured the scholarship till the end.

Now after finishing my study contract, the working contract.

It used to be me receiving pocket money, getting everything paid for studying well.

When I work, of course I will get paid for.

When you study, nobody is going to judge you.

Whether you do well or you screw up your paper, it will be on your grades.

But when you work, what you do is going to affect the team, your colleagues judge.

I had been working every year since I was 15, don't be too excited to leave Uni.

I'm unsure of the path after this, being no longer a student but just an unemployed person.

But I know getting over Undergraduate studies is just the first step of overcoming life challenges :)

And after my Industrial Training period, I magnificently learned to manage my money better.

I still look forward to learning.

Mastering Korean and Japanese at least.

Initially I have plans to get a certificate in teaching,

teaching English overseas or join Teach for Malaysia program.

It was really one of my best interested deep down but I guess,

like always I will let life decide, follow the flow and look out for more excitements ahead!

Not sure whether I should get a part time job prior to permanent employment,

but I guess I'll be blogging more often now! ^^