Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chop chop chop?

Surprise! :)

To be continued...

How to be slim?

Depending on your current body type.

If you are UNDERWEIGHT like this:

I mean thin okay, not anorexic.

If you are anorexic this method will not work.

If you are thin, have more input than output.

Digest your input slowly.


If you are SLIM, like this:

Same amount of input and output.

Continue whatever routine you are doing.

If you are OVERWEIGHT, like this:

Less input than output.

Digest smaller portion of input.

However the weights you are doesn't mean you are unhealthy.

Just that if your BMI is not normal,

you have the tendency for certain sicknesses.

Remember: garbage in garbage out, you are what you eat!

People say it's easier to get fat when you are thin,

I think so too.

Eating is surely more enjoyable than working out.

But those who are unsatisfied with your extra weights on the wrong places,

Kelly Osborne I think is the biggest inspiration!

Even to me (I am slightly Underweight)

She is so gorgeous now!

And I really admire her determination in Dancing with The Stars,

though she was once a troubled teenager.


p/s: sorry for showing bikini pics, it's the only way you can see the curves.

Images from Google, all are artists photos

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pangkor Island trip review

I am finally updating my blog on my Pangkor Island 2D2N trip. *pleaseee clap (I am putting lots of efforts here since I'll be having a test 2 tests wtf tomorrow and another test on Friday)* The followings are the travel details, completed with images & captions for your reference.

It is not advisable to follow our trip planning because we made quite few impulse decision, which is why our budget went from around RM180 to RM260. *wth in Pangkor spent RM260, I know wtf* But it is all worth it cause we were treated First class, or actually, we treated ourselves first class wtf. First class of course need to spend more right? Okay, moving on...

As I've seen in the poll (yes I actually checked on it wtf), mostly said I should post up more photos in my blog. So here goes. This post will be filled with photos but with the bandwidth of my Uni, it took ages for me to complete. So I posted this while studying *pleaseee clap again it will be highly appreciated, thank you*

Here goes...........

We stayed at Pangkor Island Beach Resort which is the most expensive resort on Pangkor Island, I heard and I think. We initially wanted to stay at the villa but due to some unexpected circumstances, we changed our plan (this is the beginning of the impulse decisions throughout the trip). The reason why we went for such expensive resort, with their private beach and private jetty was because I accidentally looked up on a dealer selling travel vouchers while I was looking up for accommodations. What is so great about the voucher? First night for 50% and 2nd night for FREE!! But of course we paid for the voucher, it was RM100 only! How and why is RM100 only you asked?? I'll explain that in a short while.

The first room that we entered was the pool view which cost RM500++ for 2 person. Since 5 people are not allowed, we were practically asked to change room. You know in hotel we always cramp 3 persons in 1 queen bed and nobody bothered? This one so strict they said if 2 person means at maximum only can 3 person wtf. So we moved....

The room that we stayed in for the rest of the nights is Garden view cost RM950++ per night, RM950++!! 1 person approximately RM250, per night! We stayed 2 night so it was supposed to be RM500 just for accommodation wtf! So the deal is, we shared the room for 5 person (only 1 extra so ok la). With the voucher, means we get approximately RM500 for 2 nights! And plus the voucher means, RM600+ shared by 5 for 2 nights. We paid RM127.20 each means total is RM636!! (wanna save on accommodation? go find vouchers! but make sure you don't get cheated, if cheated don't blame me wtf)

So here are the prices (i think this is all you want to know):

fyi, we only stopped at the town once to withdraw money because the resort is not walking distance from Pangkor town (of course la kan since got private beach where got wanna build around public area) and we didn't even ate seafood cause we were so tired on first night (we arrived when it's almost dark), we ate 2 cups of instant noodles each (this also counted first class la since it tasted so nice that night fol) and 2nd night we had buffet dinner.

Garden view room at Pangkor Island Beach Resort :
RM950++ (without voucher) for pax of 4

Buffet dinner at resort:
RM65++ per pax

Taxi ride from Pangkor jetty to Pangkor Island Beach Resort :
RM20-25 (must know how to bargain) Max. 7 pax per ride

Banana boat (not at Pangkor Island Beach Resort ):
RM15 per pax

Snorkeling (not at Pangkor Island Beach Resort ):
RM15 per pax

Additional round islands trip (not from Pangkor Island Beach Resort ):
Additional RM5 per pax
(not sure what is the actual price cause ours was yet another...
...impulse decision)

Buffet international dinner at Pangkor Island Beach Resort :
RM65++ per pax

If you take banana boat, snorkeling and round island trip from Pangkor Island Beach Resort , all of them will cost double from the standard price I mentioned above. The one we went was *go search for name card* Ceria D' Pangkor. Introduced by the Pak Cik who drove the taxi when we first arrive (perhaps the safest driver in Pangkor). If you are interested in taking services such as car/motorbike rental, fishing boat or help in rental hotel/chalet/apartment, can contact Madie at 0124423376 from Ceria D' Pangkor.

Brief summary.......

Our first night was kinda wasted cause we arrived late in the evening. We just enjoy the feel being in a relaxing hotel after a hectic first half of the semester, wtf only first half. That night watched some movies, chit chats like know.. Then off to bed to an exciting day! Took lunch at Pangkor town and next to the beach! We first ride on the banana boat. It was my second ride, first for some of us, but what was different was that the boat-guy wtf made us feel into the water, twice! And this one not near the beach like my first time, swim a bit then legs can reach the ground and then walk up the shore ourselves wtf. This one is like farrrr from shore. Of course we felt scared so we hang onto each other lol. After banana boat we were even more excited for snorkeling. This, was my first, and most of us are were virgin snorkeler wtf. The best thing is, we did it not looking at corals but all the fishes, some reached 2 feet long, which was kinda scary. This was when we all got wounded cuts here and there due to the unseen rocks. Touched sea cucumber too! After that we went back to the resort to enjoy the private beach. It was wayyy nicer and cleaner so we spent an hour or more just dipping and playing with waves like innocent kids wtf. At night we enjoyed international buffet at the resort, varieties of food and almost all sitting near us were non Malaysian. After the meal, strolled on the beach, did random stuffs (as seen below) and off to bed. The last day, extended our stay for an hour cause we cannot wake up on time and if I was not mistaken we wanted to finish a movie on Starworld wtf. After check out, more strolls and photography on the bed. Lastly had satisfying lunch at Sitiawan.


Before check-in, we saw peacocks on the roofs!

The look of the first room we entered.
Nicer than the second but more pricey as well.

Our second room. Luckily we changed, else cannot fit.
How to fit 5 people in 1 bed??

Imagine yourself sitting

The pool at the resort..

The sea so pretty right...

After all the pretty photos, show you this to make you stop wow-ing..


Guess what?

Peacock's butt! wtf

Focus on the "eyes" on the feathers, see them sort of...glowing??

The pink taxi(s)!

All wet, after banana boat.
We forgotten to take pictures for banana boat

Captain :"To the monkey island!"

So here we are but the monkeys too shy wtf

The "whale" island...can't see where is the whale??

Closeup: the whale's head with a small tree as water fountain, so kawaii. lol

The "crocodile" island...I mean, crocodile head

And saw a lizard sun bathing on the "crocodile's" head wtf

We fed the coral fishes

And we actually swam with them as well..

"Warning: Beware of biting fishes"
They are harmless but it just felt ticklish..

Wondering who went for this trip?
Let me introduce....

This is Sook Harn future Mechanical Engineer

This is Isabel, also future Mechanical Engineer

This is Wan Lin future Chemical Engineer

This is Me future Geoscientist???

This is Clare, also also future Mechanical Engineer

If you are wondering what is she holding?
That's a sea cucumber, alive one.
Will shrink-expand, become thin-fat-thin-fat one, serious...

Coral island,
not suitable for snorkeling except for the pro because got many sea urchins

Back to resort, not only got peacock wondering around.
Got hornbills as well

View from our balcony, relaxing view..

Then we went scandalous in the washroom. lol

Stroll at the beach and we managed to see the
workers of the resort clear jelly fishes.
This was dead that was why I dare to touch

Peacock in front of our balcony

And the monkey actually appeared at our balcony!

That is NOT the monkey pee.
We stood there after playing at the beach that's why was wet wtf

And it came nearer so we ran in and closed the door.
So the monkey said "oh well, no food" so it went too fmonkeyl

Evening view, but no sunset.
I think it was sunrise at this side of the beach
but we NEVER wake up early fol

Buffet round 1

Buffet round 2

Buffet round 3

Buffet round 4

There were actually few more rounds after this..
Desserts and all but sorry, no pictures..
Busy eating...hehehe

More stroll at the beach with random rambles

Our colourful slippers!

DEAD jelly fishes

These looks scary right??

Pose sexyyyy!

After meal play ping pong with roomie

Pretend Pose

While we were playing, someone else was posing...

I didn't wanna loose so I pose again, now while playing pool wtf
Lame shit if you cannot taken go top right click "x" tq

Group photo before leaving!
Me full length mirror!


They gave us pretty envelop with our receipt in it..


Read yourself...
Ok fine if you cannot see clearly it said "Resort map"

Hornbill..reminds me of Sarawak..
Sobsob... :(
Miss home..

Final group photo at the private beach

The Villa(s) built right above the water, was supposed to stay there.
Maybe next time.
Or next time is no more Pangkor, will be Redang, or Tioman...



The Uncle who was on vacation with his wife..
Who asked Wan Lin what is the formula of Potassium Permanganate
after he asked Wan Lin what is she studying. lol

Garden view...with another smaller pool..

On the ferry...leaving to Lumut

Foooood at Setiawan

Any inquiries on my trip, send me a comment.
Or if you had been to Pangkor, share your post with me!

Overall it was a great trip!
Or maybe we were all adventurous people. lol
Or maybe the place was nice...

p/s: sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes.
I am in a rush. Will edit back when I am free.