Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Where's next

Having really bad withdrawal
Yes, I dislike Winter (and that was my first)
But yes, I do miss the weather, how contradicting
Humans are really weird aren't we
We miss things we can't have

Totally not in the mood of doing any work
The guy I am supposed to meet is not at work too, probably still on leave
So I am stuck doing nothing
Well not exactly nothing...
Guess where is my next destination?

Yeap, solo and female are the key words
I am reading this from http://theblondeabroad.com/
Before that I was...busy looking at flights to New Zealand *guilty*
Feeling so frustrated that my skydive adventure didn't happen
I teared a little, prayed so hard it still didn't happen sigh

But then I remembered I have a Europe trip in mind
And it will be a big thing, I will need all the money I can save
I will need all the leaves and holidays I can take
So I decided to forget all the small trips I was gonna plan,
like New Zealand, India and Japan..
And do the big one first before I age

I can always go for short and relaxing trip to those countries
But backpacking over Europe? 
I better do it as soon as possible
God knows how many kg of backpack can I carry in the next 5 years.

And, I need to get a camera
A proper semipro or a SLR
Not being able to capture those nice scenery frustrates me

Will be back on Melbourne's post after I get photos from my travel partner!

Short hair don't care

Cause you said "I like girls in short hair".

Been ages since I last blogged.
Went through some blog posts and got a little emotional,
so I played Ed Sheeran's X and read some poems, which worsened the emotion.

Just got back from my most recent trip, Melbourne Australia.
Main agenda was to sky dive but as always, Australia's weather is unpredictable.
Really terrible timing because it was a chilly windy winter.
The dive got postponed twice till we decided to call it off.

But managed to go skiing!
Which wasn't really plan for but it's offered in a package.
At least we did something during the trip.
One off the bucket list,
yes we took the chair lift and went down the slopes!
Till my next post on my short Melbourne trip~