Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boring update :|

I am done with my event this semester!!

Yes, my one and only event but the who which almost drive me crazy.

Music Pursuit 2010 settled!

This semester is practically screwed because

I was too busy with the event preparation,

so I don't have enough time to prepare for my presentation and tests.

All fall within this October and seriously,

how sad it is when you know the questions are easy

but you cannot answer cause you are not

prepared at all or you mind is in a mess that you cannot think straight.

Alright so I got to meet up with the artists who we invited as judges for the audition:

Logue, Ojie, Andy, Shahwalnaz, Nazwil, Nabil

among the talented musicians in Malaysia!

And also some more famous overseas cause Malaysia don't appreciate some musicians.

*yes, I am being offensive*

Look at how Nicholas Tse is more famous overseas.

When I ask my friends, some don't even know he is Malaysian.
Orite, back to the event story.

Got their signatures,
I've collected the signatures of artists who came for our Uni events
everytime I am part of the committees.

They signed my name tag!

And our judges & guest artists during the finale:

Azlan & the typewriter

My RM20 event T-shirt:

Thanks to all the Hicoms and committees, you guys were great!!
By the way, the artists posted nice comments in Facebook about our event.

Thanks so much for the support guys!!

Now, back to my lecture slides and lab reports... :/

Thursday, October 28, 2010

World's Coolest Intern

So I come from an intermediate family where money don't come that easily and my Dad is still old fashion minded that saving for the future is like the most important to do in life, being for the past, present or future. Speaking about banks make me think of money, and people dealing with money. And now Standard Chartered Bank is offering a spot for the world's coolest intern with a pay of SGD 30,000 for a 6-months internship programme.

Blog, facebook, twitter, formspring, tumblr...yes, I have them all. And of course I had friendster and myspace and all the other social networking site which I have deactivated due to privacy problems. Being a social bee, I love to take up challenges and interact among people. And why I think I am capable of being the World's Coolest Intern?

1. I had my first job at 15, experience do count
And since then I used my time wisely, especially year end holidays which last me 2 months at least. I take up part time jobs and try to learn something new. I was surprised that most of my friends never took up any jobs even with the 6 months holidays after our SPM public exam. After my first interview, I only got questions like "are you experienced?" then when I answered yet, they got me employed. Experiences matter more than grades these days.

2. I love learning
You will be surprised to know this. I complain a lot about my workloads in Uni. Having 24 hours is not enough for a day and so on. Well, blame it on myself. I like to keep myself occupied. My friends asked me why am I joining all those extra curricular activities despite having 20 credit hours. Call me crazy cause besides studying, doing reports, working for an event, I don't know what else can I do (of course putting aside entertainments).

3. I am flexible
My first job was as a sales assistant for guys wear, then I was a promoter for Santa Barbara shoes. I helped out selling Carlo rino handbags. I did some typing jobs for my Dad for a geologic reports and actually got paid for. I do some makeup jobs, following my cousin who owns a bridal studio. I got paid for dancing. And now I am planning to do a research paper to ease job searching later when I graduate. It is my prinsip to try everything to my limit. I can do all those paper works to job which involves human relation.

4. I am already planning to go for my pre-intern
My actual internship will be after my 6th semester, I am only currently in my 3rd. I don't think we need to wait to learn. It there is a company out there willing to accept you as a 2nd year student or as someone with the slightest knowledge but is willing to learn, then go for it. So if I am to get this offer and the contract is in good state, of course I will grab the chance.

5. I love soft skills and presenting ideas (which of course I must understand)
I was actually wondering why am I taking this Geoscience course which relates to Earth rather than human, who I work best with. But then I realized at least I gave up studying Petroleum engineering which relates more to machines. So it is not so bad after all. And one thing I like about being a UTP student is that UTP emphasize a lot on soft skills. We can have no tests but all the marks will be on presentations, not only the content but how you dress up and interact with your peers.

6. I know myself well
How many of you can list 200 facts about yourself? To be able to know what you like and what you hate is important so that you will have an aim in life (sorry I sound like a philosopher). Most of my friends cant write anything about themselves all the time when it comes to "describe yourself" session. If you don't know yourself, who do you expect to know you better?

7. Standard Chartered Bank is cool
Is like the coolest bank ever :D Honestly it is where I first opened an account, cause I was forced by my employee to use another bank. Or else I will choose Standard Charted Bank cause it is my Dad's primary bank. It provides all kinds of banking, including online banking and mobile banking. It even gives promotion from time to time which is sooo cool. They recently signed a sponsorship deal with Liverpool F.C., which was my favourite football club when I was like, 11 or 12 (when I first found out that Michael Owen is so cute) :D