Sunday, August 31, 2008

Temporarily Stop Blogging

MayLin is going to stop blogging temporarily..
Perhaps for 1 or 2 weeks..
MayLin is busy preparing for
Poster Presentation and Drama Presentation..
And..busy studying for tests..

Pls comment on past postings..
Thank you..
God bless... =)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I call it a day!

My day started really miserably..
Messed up the Physics third experiment
Did not finished
the experiment on time..
The experiment's presentation sucks..
When the demonstrater asked us for our percentage error,
all we can say was "we haven't calculate"..

*the result of the experiment on me - on the right*
(for display only)

Then, had argument with dear..
Reason was I do not like him giving me instructions to do this and that..
So I ignored him..

He left the group (of friends) and walked alone..
I went to look for him..

Then we ended the 1st argument..
After Physics lecture,
he saw my messages to my very very close friend (treat him as a
Dear found out I told my bro stuffs th
at I did not tell him..
So dear was upset and he got
He ignored me without listening to my explaination
I told my bro..

And my bro actually messages dear without me knowing..
Then dear come to find me face to face to settle the argument..
I explained to dear why I told my bro and not him..(I almost cried)
Then, he t
ried to explain why he was upset..
But before he even started, I cried..
So I asked him to stop talking because we
were in public..
After all the expl
we got back as good and romantic as ever..
God bless us!

*it started like this....* (for display only)

*and ended up like this...* (for display only)


I am not feeling well today..
Having slight fever..
Hopefully I will recover soon..

After a good night sleep perhaps..
I had to cancel my study meeting with my bro..
Felt so sorry making him came all th
e way here to my village..
I apologized for making him cycle back to his hostel in the rain..
So sorry bro..

*i guessed he cycled in the rain..all the cars passed him..
the only source of light was from the cars

and the dim street lights..*

(for display only)


So now I practically have to rest..
Then try to revise some of the lectures today..
(if i am feeling better..)
Just going to sleep/rest first..

*need a rest..agrhhh! headache!!* (for display only)

Challenging day!

Would like to end my day with something
dedicated to all readers :

Living A Meaningfull Life

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Common stuffs & Cam whore

The same lap top..
Same colour lap top's skins..

His : A guy singing on the right..

Hers : A hot girl on the left..


During Convo fair ..
during the very last hour..
We bought a pair of "Baby Milo" keychain..
The cute monkeys..

It actually cost RM8.90 each but since the stall is closing down..
They "lelong" (cheap sale lar..) to us RM11 for 2 monkeys..

Left : Bluish His
Right : Pinkish Hers

*Today's cam whore*

Location :
UTP Information resource center (IRC)


Tonight's task :

- Study Physics
- Edit drama script
- Study Chemistry (if enough time)

Need to go complete my tasks...
Blog again tomorrow... =)

Studying hurts

I found out..
I ended up like yesterday..


If only one of my teddy bear can
help me to study &
sit the quiz for me..

Studied for days but understand bits only..
tiny bits only..
I think I'll end up being like the
miao..miao...(as shown below)



Monday, August 25, 2008

Giving up is not the solution...

He is not the guy I knew before.. He no longer walk miles for me.. Without him.. Walking back alone seemed like forever.. Without him.. There is no reason for me to fill up my tummy.. Without him.. There is no reason for me to talk.. Thus.. I keep myself in silence most of the time.. He told me he is not perfect.. But I know that is not the reason I am in silence.. I just knew.. To me.. He is more than a perfect guy.. Because he is so perfect... Every mistake hurts... Though I can still handle them myself.. I feel the pain create by myself.. But.. I will not give up..

To "Him"..
Do not feel offended or upset.. Because you know..
That you are my everything... Yet..
My one and only... I heart you..

Studying..or reading..

Im here online at 4am..
Trying to study Physics...
And finish my engineering mathematics assignment..

But apparently I'm stucked with the one and only e maths question..
So I opened my physics book..
but guesses I ended up like what's shown below..


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Too tired..need to sleep...

I'm too tired today..
Just came back from Convo fair..
Will write some happenings today tomorrow..
Now, it is bed time..
Will wake up around 2 or 3am to study..
My brain is frozen right now..

Time to sleep..

Good night & sweet dreams..

(p/s : the bear in the pic is exactly like
the one I am having beside me..)




Sunday / Thunderstorm

Nothing much happened today. I woke up late, around 1pm. Then, I bath and when online. Replied some friendster comments and edited my account. After that looked up for some guitar chords. I asked my dear to buy me breakfast and lunch since he will be going to the convo fair. He bought me Dunkin Donuts, yesterdays yogurt drink and Ferrero Roche that we bought at the mall.My friend who lost his wallet asked me to ask my friends from Ipoh where is the nearest police station since he want to lodge a report. When I was browsing through the net around 4pm, the line when from “very good” to “fair” and it disconnected all of a sudden. So there goes the chord looking, all I can do is to bookmark the page first then find them again later. After the line when off, I started to concentrate on my drama script writing. I am supposed to discuss with 2 other girls but it seemed so difficult for us to meet up. Moreover, who want to have long meeting to write drama scripts when there is convo fair? So I ended up writing the script alone. It was not that bad. With full concentration, plus some eating, drinking and toilet break, I managed to finished everything, including printing 3 sets around 7.30pm. About dinner, my roommate when out to convo fair so I practically asked her to buy me some food. After finishing my drama script, I continue on doing my Chemistry flow chart. Chemistry lab will be on Tuesday but I am doing it earlier because Physics quiz will be on Tuesday too. Since I have the time, mind as well I finish it up and concentrate on Physics later on. After I finished the flow chart, decided to do Engineering Mathematics assignment. But when I looked at the question, I got so confused. So I ended up looking for Physics reference book. Then again, I felt so lazy. I closed my book then my roommate came back with my special “char kueh tiaw” for my dinner. It tasted good, very much different from what I had in Kuching. At the same time, I wanted to try whether the internet connection is working. I tried to sign in then “boom”! I entered the main page. -.-“ means I am connected. So, neglecting my Physics, I started replying comments and looking up for chords again. And, after this, I will be practicing on my guitar. Then maybe, I said maybe study Physics. My dear when to sleep over at the church since the praise and worship group will be practicing for tomorrow’s Sunday service. He told me something shocking – the bassist of Planet Shakers lied that he had cancer. (Click here to read an article about it) My dear told me he was sad due to the action of the bassist because Planet Shakers is like a role model to many teenagers, especially the believers. But I told him – if God can forgive his children who create sins everyday, why can’t we forgive one person that creates sin. If we are to be sad because of the sin of one person, then God must be crying everyday because his children creates sins everyday.

“ Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is recovered Blessed is the man unto whom the Lord imputeth not iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no guile. When I kept silence, my bones waxed old through my roaring all the day long. For day and night thy hand was heavy upon me: my moisture is turned into the drought of summer. Selah. I acknowledge my sin unto thee, and mine iniquity have I not hid. I said, I will confess my transgressions unto the Lord ; and thou forgavest the inquity of my sin. Selah.”

Psalm 32 : 1-6

Saturday, August 23, 2008




Cloudy / Rainy

Today I woke up and feeling extraordinarily sleeping. I went to the bathroom half awake and half asleep with my eyes only partially opened. Lecture started at 8am today and ended at 12pm, was not exactly lecture..had CAL lab from 8-10am and engineering mathematics tutorial from 10-12pm. As we had planned earlier on, we went to Ipoh town. I actually wanted to go to Ipoh Parade but since most of them want to go to Jaya Jusco, I just followed..I had nothing in mind actually, just wanted to take a walk around after a hectic week in the university. I walked to the sports complex (where they waited for me), and it rained suddenly. I was lucky enough that I got my umbrella ready this time. It was not that long until a bus came.

*The seat beside me was leaning forward & mine was leaning backward*

As the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. I was shocked when I entered the bus. It looked fine on the outside but was really terrible inside. However, I was still able to sleep until the very end of our journey even though the seat was too leaning towards behind and unadjustable. The driver of the bus drove the bus so fast that I was in fear most of the time. Lastly, we stopped at a petrol station. Which means, we have to walk to another bus station to take another bus to Jaya Jusco. This time the bus was much more better. Air-conditioned and cleaner, just that the seats were uncomfortable, they were too hard, not custioned. When we reach Jusco, we split up and shop for our own need.

*From left - Mark, Terry & Abang (well, I mix with guys more) in the "terrible" bus.*

I bought a few things for myself and my room. At least now I will feel more comfortable staying in my room.

New laundry bag for my unhangered clothes

New shoes rack

New Bedsheet (kawaii!!)

New Rug

After tidying my stuffs, I rushed to English Care group me
eting. It started at 8pm but it was already 8.15pm when I started walking there. I reached there just in time for the game session even though I had missed the introduction session. The game was really fun and I really enjoyed. Then there was sharing session where everyone of us share about our family, we too, prayed for each other for the problems they faced in their family relations. At that moment, I realized once again I was not alone. Always, I had thought that my family was not caring and loving enough since he do not hug, kiss or even say good night to each other. I found out that my brothers and sisters do share the same problems that I was or am facing. Some are even facing more challenging challenges than me myself. I am very grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to really understand my family and at the same time understand others’. Though she was not in, sister Maggie shared to us on heavenly father.

“[Family Relationships] Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Honour your father and mother (which is the first commandment with a promise). So that may be well with you, and that you may live long on the earth.”

(Ephesians 6:1-3)

After care group meeting, I had an argument with my dear. I asked him whether he wanted to go for Convo Fair, and he said he was playing game. Then, I just kept quiet..he knew I was upset. He tried to make thing up by asking me to keep his lap top. I do not want to do that, I want him to realise his mistake himself and repaint himself. Recently, he had been slightly addicted to games. My friend’s wallet either dropped or taken by people when we were at the mall. So I just prayed that he will be able to find it or solve the problem soon.

Conclusion of today’s care group sharing :

1. Do not neglect earthly parents

2. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear ; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (2Timothy 1:7)

3. Prioritize God, seek His kingdom and guidance





I went to lecture quite late today. On the way, I felt weird, as if I had missed something at the hostel. I thought that maybe it was because I left my clothes near the washing machine before I went for lecture, and was worried that the cleaner might put it somewhere else if she is to clean the laundry area. But, I carried on walking without thinking much as I was getting late for lecture. The first lecture was Physics. I was feeling very uncomfortable, having flu and sore throat. My friend asked me to sit under the air con, perhaps he was warm. I was feeling feverish, but I had no choice since most of the space are occupied. Then, I realized that I forgotten to bring my assignment, which is due today. No wonder I had been feeling that I missed something. So I decided to hand in my assignment straight to the lecturer’s office after the lecture. The lecturer told us that she wants to change our grouping (according to course) because she could not focus on teaching since our group is too noisy. I did not comment much, because either lecturers, I will still be unable to understand much. All I can do is to study on my own and puzzle my friends with questions. Minutes before the lecture ended, it started raining, it was around 3.10pm.had a debate meeting at the information resource center (IRC) at 2pm and the rain was asking me to make choices as I had no umbrella at that moment.

*This is how I hang my clothes when there is not
enough space at the balcony. They tried faster by fan

Praise God, my dear was good enough to buy an umbrella at the Uni-cherish (mini mart) and lent it to me. He too, waited for me to take my assignment from my hostel at the cafeteria. I rushed back under the rain with my shoes all soaked up, but I did not bothered. All I knew was to hand in my assignment as soon as possible. I rushed back to the cafeteria and saw him there with his friends, still patiently waiting for me. I asked him about a question from the assignment which I had not done yet, but he gave me no answer, neither did his friends could. This time, I brought along my own umbrella. We walked fast to block 23 hoping that we were in time to hand in my assignment. Luck enough, we did. When I entered her office, she was on the phone and she smiled to me. I wondered whether that smile means she will deduct my marks for handling in my assignment hours before the due time because I was supposed to hand it in during the lecture in the morning and by that time it was almost 4pm. Just prayed that she will be considerate. After handling in my assignment, I decided to go to the IRC, since the debate meeting will only end at 5pm. My dear walked me to the entrance and he went back to his hostel. In the IRC, I went soaring till the highest level looking for my group members. I ended up browsing the net about some physics I quiz from a well-known university (but found out the syllabus is different). Then I received an instant message (sms) saying that they all went back already just moments before I arrived at the IRC. So i picked up my umbrella and started my journey back to my hostel. I walked in the rain alone under my purple umbrella. As i looked around, I saw cleaners getting ready to get back home. Some seemed to be at my age or just slightly older, I felt lucky that I am given the chance to be here. This place may not be perfect, but it maybe a place where many people wished to be in. The situation or position that I am in now may not be easy, but it is where many people dream of. Walking alone in the rain was not lonely after all, at least I can still hear the sound of the rain dripping on the roof tops, the sound made by the tyres of the cars when they ran into puddles of water, I can still see people running in the rain and cyclist cycling as fast as they can to avoid getting to wet in the rain. It proved that I am still alive today. As I walked up the stairs to my hostel, I thought of my life. Thought how lucky I am to have a wonderful family, friends and my dear beside me. Thought how I am going to learn new things in life and get closer to God. Without realizing, I reached my room. I never felt this feeling before, it was as if my room was at the first floor, but it was at the third floor. For the first time, I was not tired climbing up the stairs. I realized, as I thought about my life, it is indeed very short. Just like how the distance to my room is shorten when I thought about life. Or maybe there were so many events, whether good or bad that happened in my life...I reached my room even though I had not finished thinking about my life. I had a wonderful guy too in my life, even though he gets childish and annoying at times, he is always there for me. Tonight, he said he will marry me one day. I do not know how true can that be but I know he is sincere and our love is pure. I am always amazed how he can still say he want to marry me because I was the one who always make him cry, and not him making me cry.

*My new bought guitar..super beginner,
I'm still learning the chords..*

“Unto thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul. O my God, I trust in thee : let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triump over me. Yea, let none that wait on thee be ashamed : let them be ashamed which transgress without cause. Show me thy ways, O Lord, thy tender mercies and thy lovingkindnesses ; for they have been ever old. Remember not the sins for my youth, nor my transgressions : according to thy mercy remember thou me for thy goodness’ sake, O Lord.”

(Psalm 25 : 1-7)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Preparation for "The Great Moral Debate"

Cia Yin (left) & Kathir (right) discussing their points..
CK (further left) negative site..

CK, Andrey (german guy from the negative team) &
Puven (affirmative team leader) watching basketball (during the meeting)..

Cia Yin, Kathir, CK..

CK, Andrey, Puven..

Andrey & Puven..
Obviously I was on my blog..(during the meeting, too)

so serious looks.. (left from below) cia yin, anonymous (sorry, forgotten your name),
& kathir's girl..
(right from below) CK & kathir..

Juz for anyone who had not been to UTP,
we were having our meeting at village 2 CAFE..

The dabate will be today at 6-7pm...
Wish us luck and let us pray for the best!

Monday, August 18, 2008

"Hectic week" & "Survival"

This week will be a really hectic week..
Juz look at my scedule (plans only)...

Monday (today) : Thinking skills test, chemistry quiz, preparation for moral debate (will be on wednesday), english tutorial presentation, work on chemistry tutorial (will be on tuesday)...getting ready in case there will be sudden quiz for engineering maths & physics..etc

Tuesday : Work on physics tutorial (will be on wednesday), preparation for debate (will be on wednesday), Hope prayer meeting, private meet up with sister Maggie..etc

Wednesday : last preparation for debate, look up for articles for call lab essay (should be done last week)...etc

Thursday : engineering maths tutorial questions (will be on friday), write essay-1st draft- for call lab (will be on friday)..etc

Friday : write essay -2nd draft- for call lab, go to ipoh (shopping-sale!!), english care group meeting...etc

Saturday : revisions, preparation for physics & chemistry labs report, finish all assignments (if i can..), sports..etc

For your info..
we are trying to survive here in UTP bcoz..

1. final exam only makes up 60% of your final mark, 40% are from tests, quizes, presentations, lab works, tutorials, attendances & we have to work hard throughout the semester
..and must attend lectures.. (unlike UPSR, PMR, SPM or STPM where there's only 1 final exam)

2. even the cocuricular activities are given marks based on GPA, not grades like A, B, C or D. And the cocuricular activities GPA is included in our CGPA..

3. distance between buildings are far..bicycles, motorbikes & cars are the solutions.. But beware, oil price is increasing (btw, we don't get free oil or discounts even though we are uni petronas students)..and bicycles usually got stolen.. so...walk till you sweat - best solution.

4. wireless connection sucks at times..either it's too slow, dc all of a sudden, or not detected at all..

5. the information resource center (IRC) / library closes during sunday & opens only half day on saturday - where are we suppose to spend our weekend?? (besides going to nearest town - fastest you can reach is 30 minutes - if you drive 100+- km/hr.....or by bus - even walking till the entrance takes so long) more complains..

Despite the hecticness and circumstances faced, we are surviving..
This will be our (July 2008 intake) 5th week here in UTP..
Getting to know more people & getting used to the environment here.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Date Is 08.08.2008

Woke up at 7.10am today....was supposed to wake up at 7am (when my alarm rang).. But then, looking at my room mate still sound asleep..i thought : another 10 mins will not harm right??
So, basically i woke up at 7.10am, grapped my towels n pails then rushed to the toilet.. Though we never have to wait to use the toilet, since there are quite a number and not everbody go for lectures the same time..
After all the brushings and washings, when back to my room stil half awake.. Sigh.. Quickly gt changed into my pants before my room mate come back (she when to the toilet few mins after me..).. since we were getting ready the same time, means our lessons will start at 8am.
Well, usually she will be asleep while i am preparing or vise versa (i am taking petroleum engineering & she is taking mechanical we have difference time table). Some intro about my room mate- name : clare marie sia, race : chinese, hometown : bintulu, ex school : smk bintulu.. ok, enough bout that..., after changing.. i quickly pack my stuffs..since it was already 7.40am.. *my room mate was already puting on her shoes* ah!! then i thought - she will be having engineering maths tutorial at the lecture hall (near) and i will be having English CALL lab (further).. ok, CALL lab only..sure the technician come late.. so took a packet of biscuits 1st (my room mate may had reached the hall when i was juz locking the door)..
So, i just walked slowly to the lab.. Just as i expected, the technician was no where to be seen.. It was already slightly past 8am then he came to open the lab door and the comps inside. So we had our 3rd week CALL lab session (2 hrs)...with all the grammar, vocabs exercises and short para writing.
After 2 hours, not finishing the exersises yet (way too many), we had to rush to engineering maths tutorial class (at another block -lecture room). I saw everyone doing the tutorial questions, which I had not even touched (my room mate said the tutor will pick only some ques). Just then i realized, we do not have the same tutor. sigh.... but lastly, he said we do not have to pass it up - realived! However, i made my mind to finish all the ques just as a revision.
By the time I finised EM tutorial, it was already 12pm - lunch time!! Had lunch with regular butch of friends at the USM cafe....then when straight to hostel. Time to rest! *Not forgetting there will be a physics tutorial replacement class at 3pm..*
My main "aim" to go back to my room is to sleep, but when i reached, i looked at my lap top...i switched it on..listen to songs, edit the desktop background, check my mails and etc...and i got stucked until 2.30pm.. another rush had to be made...this time, at Block 19 laboratory - furthest i can say...
So, i made my way there..was kinda lonely and quiet journey..*I was the only one walking*.. As usual, i decided to listen to some musics.. When i almost reach the chancellor hall (near to the lab), i heard foot steps..which of coz scared me since i am "supposed to be alone".. I turned around, i saw someone familiar...Puven!! (my moral group leader - taking Mechanical engineering).. he was going to some where near to where i was we walked together and had some usual chats - topic : fate! Which he relate to me with a guy, i call him "kasparov" (identity kept secret for now).. then we reached a junction and split to our own destitions.
I when up to the lab and saw Kelvin/Kevin (i do not know which is correct-sorry room mate's ex classmate) sitting at the stairs..were'nt we late?? I looked at my watch...20 more mins.. so, it took juz 10 mins to reach after all - i did not know..sigh.. So i just linger around the lab areas till some of my course mate came..
We entered the lab and started our tutorial.. Our tutor, i do not know his name...but most probably he is from Sudan or South Africa.. We were each asked to solve a question.. When i opened my bag, i realzed..i forgoten to bring both my questions and answer sheets. Luckily my friend , Mark (course mate from Kuching)..borrowed me his question sheets - so i just did the question im supposed to again. What i was shocked about was, there were 11 questions...the only ques i was not sure about was question 8...and i was asked to do ques 8.. OMG.. so i walked around asking how how and how...but no comfirmed answer.. I end up just scribbling what ever i know on the white board..out of 3 sub ques, i got 2 rights - good enough.. heheh..:)
After tutorial, it was already 5pm.. *stomach growling..* went to the nearest cafe and ate wantan noodles.. Honestly, the cafe is so dirty...that i controlled myslef from throwing up on my way back to hostel.. Then, im stucked in my room till now... juz woke up from sleep after bath.. sleep from 8pm-12.30am... Wow!! And did not study... Gona wake up early tomorrow, study in the morning.. Then, 12pm.. x-ray taking at the uni's clinic.. Afternoon from 3pm, cocu activities...mine, drama & theater... Most free time...EM tutorial ques, physics assignment, prepare for thinking skills test and etc..
That's all for 2day...nothing interesting..
-don't hestitate to comment me bout speeling mistakes or grammar error.. (coz i juz type once, half awake and never read through again).. Give comments on my life stories too.. TQ-

Friday, August 8, 2008

Hi!! back at laz..
wll be updating u guys bout my life in UTP..
currenly busy will assignments n medical check up..
stay tuned..

to : phill..

i dun hate u..i never did..
so no worries..
hope u can accept everything..
u noe we never will end u rite,
but i noe...we can be close frens....
all de best n take care.............................

to : bro, jim (if u do read my blog)

tell mum n dad nt to worry so much bout me..
im doin fine here..
getting used to everything.. :)
now u have the responsibility to take care of mum, dad n lil jerry..
study hard..

to : my frenz

missing all of u..
will only be going back to kch end of diz year..
p/s : siang leng goin back mid term - end of sept/early oct..
hope to see u guys soon..
take care!

to : dear readers

i'll post up pics n news from here soon.
n keep u guys updated..
now im busy will assignments ...
so, hope u guys can drop by here whenever u r free..