Friday, May 18, 2012

South Korea Day 40: Hallyu Beach Concert

Here is another South Korea post! I know I've blogged about the first farm stay for our WWOOF and I still got 2 more locations...but today is a special day! It is the birthday of my Sunshine, Dong Young Bae or better known as Taeyang (of Big Bang). So on this special day I MUST blog about seeing him live for the first time! 

It is his 25th Birthday (Korean age)!! Happy Birthday Sunshine!! If you followed me on Twitter and Instagram you'll know that I spam this picture of Polaroids I made for him. And in fact I spent some huge amount mailing a gift set all the way to Korea....and designed 2 birthday cards to fan clubs to be sent to him. I know, I am also wondering myself since when did this obsession became so bad. I've known his (as if) since 2008 during his Solo but that obsession was never this bad. But his hard work, determination, humbleness and love for God is something I admire.

During of final days in South Korea, we went to Busan!! The second largest metropolitan city after Seoul. The reason we can make it there though it is on the Southern part is cause the last farm we stayed was located in Changwon. And if you recall, we went to Jeju before Seoul. Back to Seoul and went Southern region again. So we basically went back and forth throughout that 1 month.

Initially was undecided whether to go back to Seoul earlier and stay in Seoul while waiting for our flight back....or visit Busan and use a bus to Incheon airport directly, without going to Seoul again. Finally we decided for Busan because we wanted to visit somewhere new. And how lucky we were!!! Coincidentally there was this Hallyu Beach Concert @ Gwanggali Beach for free!!! And the next day was an International event, which is the Busan International Firework Festival. Since it is an event for foreigners, we did get to enter earlier than Koreans. Managed to grab a not-bad seat though if we arrived earlier we could have been even nearer. 

Since it is a concert, so let the pictures do the talking! The shots were not that clear since I was just using an ordinary camera and fans in front of me went a bit crazy with their hands up and such LOL. And my night mode is super bad.

If you saw the picture of people in front of me and image of the whole stage...that was where we were seated. In the middle and not that far from the stage. Super lucky, just that I'm a bit greedy I wish all 5 members of Big Bang were there. Supposed to perform as Big Bang but that was when G-Dragon and Daesung news broke out. Ok sorry for drowning you into Kpop again. Anyways, enjoy!

The lineup!! As you can see Big Bang was supposed to perform as Big Bang, not 3 individuals. I was kinda upset but at the same time was worried about them because GD and Daesung cases might be the end of Big Bang. But they came back with ALIVE!!! And this might not be related but they freaking chose Malaysia as one of their destinations for ALIVE World Tour and it still feels like a dream.

God bless Foreigners privilege!! But it was crazy. We went into stampede. My friend almost lost her shoes, she had to hold them after they came off and walked in bare feet. Luckily it was at the beach cause many people fell down and I wondered if any got injured after that because I went in quite early.

We only managed to watch KARA rehearse because they were the last group to perform. Saw a guy group while we were waiting but not sure which group it was, either U-Kiss or ZE:A...

I wanna wear that yellow crown one day!! Totally regret I didn't buy the crown head band and glow sticks that day. Now I am thinking where to get it in Malaysia other than ordering them online >.<

 Formal MC, sorry I don't know his name... Must be someone from SBS.

MC of the night!!! How lucky we were to have Kim Hyun Joong and Ha Ji Won!! 
Truly handsome and beautiful as seen in the TV LOL

Opening act was by U-Kiss!!

It was pretty cold that night... Ha Ji Won must be freezing in those shorts..

Then it was T-ARA! They performed the infamous Roly Poly in their vintage outfits!!

Next up was Jay Park!!! He recently came to Malaysia (5 days ago) for Showcase and Basketball Match. Though I didn't get to meet him up close here but I was glad I saw him perform during this concert!!

After Jay Park, ZE:A performed!! My ZE:A bias Dongjun is from Busan and he spoke some Busan slang and was simply adorable! :)

Sexy SISTAR!!!

Then the MCs performed as well! Since Kim Hyun Joong came out with his Solo after SS501 split and Ha Ji Won performed with AA (or Double A) a boy idol group under the same label/company.

The it was the moment we had been waiting for!!! :D
Taeyang, Seungri and TOP (of Big Bang)!!

TAEYANG!!! And you know why he got exceptionally more pictures *ehem*
It was awesome cause he was the only one who went all around the stage, to every corner and even teased Ha Ji Won at the MCs corner. Opening was really Taeyang! SOL is SOL!! 

TOP!! He seemed a bit awkward on stage. Either it was too cold or maybe just cause his Big Bang dongseang(s) were not on stage with him that night...

Se7en!!! He performed with TOP in one of his song!


PSY performed at the end where the crowd went crazy. Initially most of us were seated and when PSY perform people were on their feet, some even standing on the chairs!! But we had fun dancing a little!!

After the concert we took a stroll around the beach. Awesome view of the bridge (where the Firework festival took place). Blogger annoys me so much. Maybe some of you realized the pictures are not in order...and I might have miss-upload a few awesome pictures. Because I can now only view a quarter of the page, can't even view a full photo and it's making me super dizzy. And whenever I upload the pictures in order, they appeared to be reshuffled pfffff.

That is the story of how I first met my top 2 love (Taeyang and JayPark) live. And that time I was also loving SHINee (still do but I wish that they improve cause I don't see much changes over the years). So I was really lucky to see all 3 (despite the incomplete Big Bang) and also Ha Ji Won is just super adorable!

Signing off...will blog bout the other 2 WWOOF farms and the Firework Festival when I got my mood back. Now I need some dose of Big Bang MVs :) Tata~

With Love, Mei Lin