Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's all about it

When I watched all those Korean drama,

I thought it was all fake.

How could someone possibly sacrifice everything for love.

I used to think those are all acting and scripted.

Until I knew that life is so tough

that at times all you need is just that someone.

That someone who will

do anything, be anywhere, be anyone for you.

Then I realized...


does make the world go around.

Off to bed~

Nites all :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Back to basic

Dyed back my hair to black.

Love it! Look at my previous uglehhh yellowish hair.

Well, dying hair is a pain in the ass.

You have to touch up all the time.

Imagine all the chemicals.

Go Google about that.

I read before that the chemical entering the
scalp is worst then other parts of the skin.

Let me stay with black :)

If you want some colour, get some highlight, less tedious.

Anyways, I am back in Kuching!

Today hair, tomorrow facial.

Not a vacation, just that the flight tickets were cheap.

And coincidently it was Daddy's birthday.

I gave my parents a surprise!!!

No one at home knew I am coming back.

My cousins picked me up.

And when my Mum saw me,

she thought I was "someone who looks like me" LOL

Off to Birthday man's dinner :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This is just the beginning

These shall be the beginning of our adventure.

Exactly 2 more months to go! :)

South Korea WWOOF, here we come!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stupid reason to miss a class

As I am typing this, my lecture in going on in one of the Lecture room at Block 15. I am not typing this from the computers in the room (which we used for doing some Seismic imaging stuffs). I am in my room. Why? Please read on.

The story started last night when I dropped my phone while we were busy measuring for our corporate shirts. So the battery fell out. Like any other classic phones, when the battery fell out, I need to reset the time and date. However, I was kinda busy so I put it as default, which was 12am and January 1st.

After that I went back to my room, it was already pass 11pm. I had to do some designing stuffs and around 12.30am I went to bed cause my class today is 8am. I set my alarm to 7.30am and switch the phone off because the battery was dying.

Today my alarm rang. And when asked whether to switch on the phone, I chose "No", just because I knew my phone was dying and I wanted to save the battery. I woke up feeling so dizzy, means I under-slept, or overslept. I thought perhaps I under-slept cause I am not used to waking up before 8am (usually I wake up at exactly 8am).

So I went to the washroom, took my shower. At the toilet, I met my friend cum housemate who I knew her class was not 8am on Wednesday. But the inner me thought that perhaps she will be having test or replacement class so woke up earlier today.

I went back to my room and check on my watch, which I placed on my table. It was 9.35am. I checked again whether the watch is spoilt. No. So maybe someone fooled around? I switch on my laptop to get the accurate time, it is...half past 9. Shit.

So I texted my friend to ask whether she is in class. And she said no, she just woke up when I texted her. My sms was her alarm wtf. So both of us began our planning. We discussed whether or not we should go. Because by the time we are both ready, it is going to be almost 10am. And with the class usually ending earlier, we may only have half and hour class. At last we decided not to.

Like our HOD usually say, it is not "better late than never", "if you know you will be late, better not come. Respect the lecturer and others". So here we are both in our room. How can such silly thing happen. I had my phone went dead once, and the alarm didn't ring. I guess some of you experience that, but wrong time on the alarm.

Worst, I was taking my time showering thinking it is 7.30am. I would most probably get totally lost if I am to live in the ancient times where we need to use the sun to check for the time. So that was me, accidentally skipping class. I was initially so happy I managed to wake up at 7.30am for this rare 8am class.

And if my calculation was correct, it was around 10pm that I set my time 12am. 2 hours difference, which was why I slept 2 hours more.. T___T

p/s: this is the most broken English post ever. Pardon me. Back to studies. Tomorrow test, wish me luck.