Monday, October 1, 2012

How to make attending Standing Pen during Concerts more Comfortable

I probably has no right to write this post cause I attended concerts only thrice (all on Standing Pen though) but I just hope this post will help you, and people around you, feel more comfortable when attending concert on Standing Pen. This post is made especially for fans attending Idols Kpop concerts! *sorry I end up having random Kpop concert pics to avoid the post being too wordy*


So let's start with the benefits of Standing Pen (at least for me). I will not write this in point forms because the are actually inter related. This is because you will be NEAR to stage and there are so many things you can do.

Of course standing pens are the (1) nearest to stage! Most of the time you will get to (2) touch the idols and (3) look at them eye to eye. Very often as well you get to (4) throw them gifts on stage and these gifts will actually land on the stage. While attending concerts, of course you would want to jump, dance, move around etc. so standing is  the best place to (5) rock ya' bodies and not end up being nagged by the security! (Even though most of the times Seating Pen will also end up standing). If you are holding a banner or slogan, the (6) Idols can see the banner clearly! Photography and video-taking are strictly prohibited in any concerts but there is certainly no way to 100% stop these from happening. So if you are in the Standing Pen, you get to take (7) clear close up photos/videos without having any super zoom lens or high end cameras. Idols give fan services. You may end up (8) grabbing something they throw to the audience! 


However, not all these 8 points are applicable to Standing Pen. Even for Standing Pen you can have a few rows (messed up rows). Most of them are only applicable to the first row, like for example points number (2) and (4). So if you are at Standing Pen but not in the first row, here are the disadvantages

(A) You only get to see whoever idols standing in front of you. You will not know what is happening the other sides of the stage except by looking at the big screen. (B) People push you in every direction. To the left, right, front, back so you will most probably able to stand without any energy needed due to the human body supports around you wtf. (C) You don't get to hold your banner much because you will be blocking audiences view behind you. Because Standing Pen is always on a flat ground (no degree) so you are the same level with other fans (hopefully you understand what am trying to say pfff) (D) Tighter security but this will depend on the country and organizer. Since you are so close to the stage, means the security will also be nearer to you. You need to be extra careful when taking photos or videos because not only your camera/recorder will be confiscated, you may end up outside the stadium throughout the rest of the show. (E) If you drop anything, you can hardly find it back. So imagine if you drop your phone, camera, banners etc., you will end you picking up a smashed-dirty-flat-with shoes prints-looking item or totally lost track of where it is being kicked to. (F) May end up unable to see anyone. This is a warning to those height below 160cm (as Malaysian female average). You will be "blinded" by the people in front of you and this again for those not at the first row.


It is advisable that if you are really not confident on being able to grab the first row or if you often have breathing difficulties, do not go for Standing Pen. You may end up torturing yourself and getting bruises all over after the concert. Of worst, being lifted out of the stadium by securities (because you fainted during the show)

And if you really want to go for the Standing Pen, here are few advises to make yourself and people around you feel comfortable:

(I) Wear something loose and comfortable (clothes). I know jacket/sweater looks cool, may cost you thousands but being in the Standing Pen and standing so packed like sardines in a can, you probably should consider putting the jacket aside before entering the concert hall. A pair of short with t-shirt or singlet is best considering the atmosphere. For Muslims, go for simple tudung which you feel most comfortable in. Avoid ruffles, laces and bulky clothes cause it will not only limit your movement but also trouble people standing near you.   

(II) Avoid excessive accessories. You will end up missing one side of your earrings, your bangles etc. Worst, your accessories may be fashionable but it will end up hurting someone. If you need to, use simple accessories, else, do avoid going for Standing Pen. You wouldn't want to end up being cursed or get a punch in the face!
(III) Girls: tie your hair up! OMG am not sure how many times I need to emphasize this one. Except if you are at row #1, you will NOT look appealing with your hair down to the idols but instead looking like a monster with your hair untied. When you attend concerts, and especially on Standing Pen, you will sweat. Your hair end up sticking to your neck, your face, people's face and what I saw worst by far, got stuck under someone's armpit wtf. Your hair will not be nice bouncy but will definitely end up wet (with sweat) and oily. Buns are best!

(IV) Dudes: Avoid the cap! You are blocking other's view! Moreover guys are usually taller (duhhh) so wearing a cap does not help at all. Gel up your hair if you need to but a cap will block your own view and others behind you.

(V) Shave~~ I know, ewwww! When you are at Standing Pen, you are practically in contact with people around you. Remember to always shave bcause the feeling of someone else hair (especially the arms) on your skin will definitely feel comfortable as well. And if you know you will be raising your hard (your idols say "Put your hands up!!!") then for everyone's sake, please shave your armpits.
(VI) Less is best! Avoid bringing huge bags and unnecessary items. Not only it will limit your movement, but your attention will also be divided to taking care of your bags/belongings. Huge backs will definitely give you shoulder pains and backaches because people will be putting weights (rest their hands) on your bags.  

(VII) Use a handstraps or landyards for your camera/phone/camcorder to avoid dropping them and getting back smashed-dirty-flat-with shoes prints-looking item wtf.

(VIII) Hold on to that deodorant. I guess this point comes together with what you wear. Less clothes is best because you will sweat less, and if you need to, do get a get deodorant and a decent perfume. This will not only make yourself comfortable but also people around you.

(IX) Avoid heels! Of course in Standing Pen you would want to stand tall among crowds but for safety purposes, you wouldn't want to break your ankle or crush someone's feet. If you really need to stand tall, try using shoes with insoles or height enhancing pads. Wedges can also be helpful but we all know that shoes with thick soles/bases are always better than single heel heels.

(X) Small banners are best. I know there are many fansites making slogans or banners for these Kpop concerts but please be aware that these banners/slogans are potential view blockers. To avoid being cursed at but you still want attention from your idols, make small but outstanding banners/slogans/boards. Make sure that the size is practical and does not cause trouble or disturbance to any party.


One more thing, since KPOP Idols are infamous for having their own official lightsticks,
here is what may happen, or at least DID happen to most of us in moshpit:

BIGBANG VIP Crownstick >.<
Now you know why I asked you to tie up your hair? Else you may just get unwanted free "combing" service

These are just from my experiences and complains I got from my friends! If you have any suggestions on how to make attending Standing Pen during Concerts more comfortable, do write a comment! ^^

With Love, 
Mei Lin