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Taiwan Part 2: Day 3~4 - Taitung + Kaoshiung

Taiwan Part 1: Day 1 & 2 - Arrival + Hualien [READ HERE]

To avoid my blog from taking too long to load photos, I'll make the travel photos into grid collage! I guess I should have thought of this long time ago. Just realized my day by day post is taking up the whole page =.=

Anyways here is Day 3 and Day 4 of Taiwan, yeayyyy~! Took me forever because I had been procrastinating a lot, who else here is addicted to Running Man? xD And just came back from Hong Kong, I'll blog about that soon after I complete Taiwan's posts.

Day 3 - Taitung
Day 4 - Kaoshiung

By looking at Part 1 and Part 2 you should realized by now that we had been to different part of Taiwan everyday. This, is probably the closest I have been as a backpacker. We moved everyday (stayed only 1 night at every hostel). And trust me, backpack is the easiest thing to use compared to luggage.

- DAY 3 -

Once we arrived Taitung (by train from Hualien - cost 270TWD each), we took a taxi to our guesthouse. Note: there is no train in Taitung, only bus and taxi. The taxi knew right away where is our guesthouse because there were not many in town. We stayed at Traveler Hotel Taitung (reviewed here).

When we arrived, it was already lunch hour so we asked the receptionist where we can get famous food nearby. To our surprise, there was one just a walking distance along the road the hotel was located. It's a noodle shop and you know it is famous when there is a queue till the road and they were running out of empty seats, we had to get one next to the kitchen (and later moved to a smaller table at the back car porch to give way to bigger families). Spent 195TWD for two persons.

We then took a bus to Guangshan from the bus station next to our guesthouse. This bus station is for DingDong Bus (Mountain line). Journey to Guangshan took 1 hour and cost 110TWD each. Stop at Guangshan Waterpark. Nearby where we stopped, there will be few bicycle rental shops. Rented bicycles and cycled around! Cost only 80TWD each for a day rental! Because it was too late when we arrived, we only cycled around the garden (entrance fee 50TWD each), but if you arrive earlier, you can take a route along the paddy field and the river!

Cycling is a very common thing in Taiwan and I think it's really fun and a must do thing in Taiwan!

After going around the garden, we cycled back and took bus back to Taitung city. Initially we wanted to go back to the bus station but the bus stopped at a night market, so just right for dinner, we got off the bus. The night market is called Central Night Market or 中央夜市场. After taking our dinner there (also did some fun activity), we tried to ask for direction back to our hotel. And again were surprised because it was actually a walking distance!

Our food, small portion for 2:
Tokoyaki - 30TWD, Toufu - 30TWD, Bone ribs - 120TWD, Drinks - 70TWD

- DAY 4 -

Due to the rush, we woke up early and took a Taiwan tour bus to the mini Yeliu park (38TWD each). Taiwan is a volcanic island so it has very fantastic views especially the outcrops! However the problem came when we wanted to go back to Taitung. There was no bus back and the next bus was in another hour, and we desperately need to catch the train to Kaoshiung.

We asked the security aunties to get us taxi but she said calling a taxi will cost a lot. So she advised us to wait by the road side and call for any taxi passing by. Few taxis past but were carrying passengers so we got super anxious. Finally a taxi stopped for us eventhough there were passengers (family of 3, mother and daughters) and they happily allowed us to hitch. They said it will be very difficult to get taxi if we continue waiting. So thankful! 

The taxi driver also said he will drive us to Beinan Cultural Village and bring us back to the train station. So after we bought our train ticket to Kaoshiung (372TWD each), he drove is to Beinan and waited for us at the gate. I read that it was walking distance from the train station but in fact it is not >__< Reached just in time to follow an audio tour at Beinan!

Train from Taitung to Kaoshiung took approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. We took the 11AM train and I think they have one hourly. After arriving Kaoshiung, we checked in our hostel. Stayed at Kaoshiung Backpackers Hostel (reviewed here). The hostel is superrrr near to Kaoshiung train station (where the MRT and Bus station are also located!) and also next to a 7-eleven (another one opposite the road). This was definitely the most convenient accommodation we had throughout the trip.

Right after we checked in, we took MRT and taxi (supposed to use bus but the bus took so long. A lady and 2 kids saw us discussing about getting there so she suggested we take a cab together and share the fee) to the National Science and Technology Museum.

Entrance fee is 50TWD each with our Youth Card discount. Because we arrived in the afternoon, our goal was to tried all the simulators. We often see these simulators only on TV so we really wanted to try them!

We then took bus to visit the riverside view at Love River! Night view was fantastic but park was very very dim and cyclists around, and camera didn't do much justice. We also walked such a long journey and wondered whether we got lost Lol. After the stroll, we went to the famous Liu He Night Market 六合夜市场 by using KRT, stope at Formosa Boulrvard (美丽岛) KRT station and take exit 1! It's a very beautiful station! Check out that bottom right pic~ And it is eating time again! The Papaya milk is famous (long queue) and must try! I super love smelly toufu so we ate that everyday ^^

Food at Liu He Night Market for 2 persons: 
Papaya milk 50TWD each, Toufu 50TWD, Tang yuan 40TWD, Taiwan sausage 50TWD, Ojian 50TWD

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