Friday, July 31, 2009

Better? Not.

University closed temporarily.
H1N1 virus mutated and worsened.
Evacuation happened.
Left hostel and felt homeless.
Spending extra cash.
Touring at hotel and hawker stalls.
Faced psychotic adventures.
More sensored words. wtf

Practically what happened today :

1. Skipped 8AM Intro to Oil & Gas lecture
2. Woke up at 10.30AM for 11AM Physical Geo lecture
3. Had Physical Geo first quiz
4. Rumours of Uni gonna close down during lecture
5. Came back & friends start to ask me pack fast
6. Packed luggage in less than 30 mins
7. Went down to Ipoh
8. Sat at Secret Recipe while getting stuffs settled for almost 2 hours
9. The guys bought us bus ticket to KL for tomorrow
10. Crossed a double line in front of the police
11. Got followed by the police to the train station
12. Suprisingly they eventually left before we got out of the car
13. Got into a hotel in Ipoh for the night
14. Squeezed 7 persons in a car to go for dinner
15. Back to hotel feeling exhausted & full

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I understand

You'll appreciate me better when I'm gone.
I knew, it's always that way.

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Current Craze

Me & the girls are currently on the craze for this cute guy
after we watched a video of Wondergirls.

  • Name: 김범 / Kim Bum
  • Real Name: 김상범 / Kim Sang Bum
  • Profession: Actor
  • Birthdate: 1989-Jul-07
  • Height: 181cm
  • Weight: 63kg
  • Star sign: Cancer

Well, he's well known for his role as So Yi Jung in Boys Over Flowers.
The Drama series was actually famous a year ago but we never had the initiative to watch it.
Until, exactly, when we saw him in the video.
Downloaded the series and now wishing I had the time.

I'm now part of Rakan Muda, International Culture Club,
Rotaract Club and Catholic Students Society.
Plus taking part in Convo Fair Treasure Hunt next weekend,
quizes coming up here and there.
I can't help but to find ways to adjust my daily routine of afternoon naps,
and early wake ups.

Need to get back to doing greeting cards for the Family Day.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Tomorrow differential equation quiz, Friday Physical Geology quiz.
Guess I really need to change my mood into study mood already.
Had been playing Sorority Life for whole night last night.
Level up to level 10 in few hours only. XD
Tonight going for interview, maybe, if I'm not lazy.
Tiring day today, class started at 8AM.
Borrowed 3 books as reference from the IRC.

Not forgetting our cockroach adventure we had these few days.
Practically the cockroaches enter all of our rooms.
It first started from my room, while we were sleeping.
It landed on Clare's hand. LOL
Then it happened in Sook Harn's room,
it sneaked out from somewhere near the bed when we just came back from Ipoh.
Last night happened in Bel's room,
the cockroach flew is "S" shape while she was studying. LOL
So practically the cockroaches attack when you're sleeping, walking and studying.

Going back to playing Sonority Life on Tagged.
It's taking too long for it to load on Facebook.
I gave up on Facebook.
Join my House if you found me.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dance Studio

Any suggestions of Latin American/ Ballroom Dance Studio in Ipoh?
Please comment me yea... TQ ^^

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dirty Dancing!

I freaking "Dirty Dancing : Havana Nights"!!

One of the best dance movie I've seen.
Yea, it was out in 2004 but whatever.
I can watch dance movies over and over.
I lost count watching Step Up 2 and Honey. XD
I'm so gonna get back to dance lessons one day...

Live your life,
dance like no one's watching...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Like Usual, Like It's Meant to Be

As I blog on earlier, undergraduate study started this week.
It's great my classes all end before 5pm except Monday and Friday.
And no class at all on Thrusday.
By the way, I'm taking Petroleum Geoscience,
for those who thought I am still in Petroleum Engineering.
There are reasons why I chose to change my course,
but I'm not gonna bore you telling you all bout it here.
Well, since my batch is just the 2nd batch taking the course,
we're facing some registration problems.
Which, I thought is quite serious actually.
Until now we have yet to get a notice for our registration.
Means, we are attending classes without knowing whether we are officially registered.
And, more pathetic...
we can't add any subject to our 13 hours-only credit hours, except cocuriculum,
which by the time we can register there may not be empty spaces anymore.
Apparently all our other subjects require pre-requisite.
Even more pathetic, sat for differential equation quiz 1 on 2nd day of lecture,
and was not so well prepared, did all the questions wrongly (though seriousy they were easy).
I would say that I was nervous starting a new semester and still in holiday mood.
For first moral lecture, we were already given homework. wtf
Having so few credit hours this semester, hopefully I get to score good GPA.

Ended lectures at 12pm today.
Had lunch with l.ov.e and practically spent whole afternoon watching movies.
Well, dance movies - Around the Universe, Take The Lead and all kinds of dance video.
Took a long nap and continued watching Save The Last Dance 2.
Now planning to watch Dirty Dancing after I blog. XD
I'm so into Latin and Ballroom, had been searching for nearest studio since I arrived in UTP.
Perak is famous for it's ballroom dancing in Malaysia actually.
But Ipoh is like 45 mins drive from UTP, where the nearest dance studio is located.
I told l.o.v.e that perhaps one day I'll be willing to sacrifice to take up dance lessons,
but he think it may not make sense, and I will not have the time.
Seeing that my credit hours for the following few semesters would be 18 or 19 hours.
Anyone watched Take The Lead?
How great it would be if dance lessons are offered in school,
I will be the first to enroll.
But of course only Latin or ballroom, lil of hip hop maybe.
I'm not into breakdancing or popping - but my brother is.
Can't wait to see him do hand stand again.
His veins and muscles. wtf
Sorry I got no picture of him. XD
He must be still working out day and night, like usual.

As always, I have to drop my dream to take up dance lessons.
Concentrate on Petroleum Geoscience and hopefully one day when I graduate,
I'll still have the chance to dance ballroom. X)
Currently I'm searcing for Strictly Ballroom, Flash, Dance with Me, How She Move,
Lambada, Tango, Forbidden Dance and Mad Hot Ballroom!!
Can't download torrent using LAN!!
And just out this year, on my "must watch" list are Dance Flick and Love N Dancing.
Okay...I know, I'm a dance freak.
I move my body a lil in front of my laptop and so on..
But like usual, it's the first week.
I feel tired of petrol and so into dance. wtf

Dancing can be cute too! ^^

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Undergraduate Alas!

Hours ago, we had a so-called steamboat...
Se7en of us all together...
Me, Clare, Sook Harn, Huei Ming, Wan Lin, Segri and Bel...
Mich was busy cleaning her room and unpacking her stuffs..
Am not sure what we were celebrating for,
graduating Foundation and starting our 1st year of Undergraduate perhaps...

Yea, we really made our room like a house...
I was talking to Clare last night and seriously,
we think that we can survive a week or so if we're trapped in our room...
With all the food stocks we have - yea, even rice...
And now, with all the bottles of mineral water occupying the space under our study table...

l.o.v.e is too tired today...
He had been travelling alone all the way from KK...
And doing all the cleaning and unpacking whole afternoon...
Still haven't meet him...
I just have to be a lil bit more patient... ^^

Morning Psycho Ad

It all started when we rented a car at 9pm to go for movie on Friday night. It turned out that we can only rent the car whole day because the car rental centre do not allow us to return the car after midnight or to rent half day only. At 9pm on Friday night, we started our journey to Ipoh - me, Clare, Sook Harn and Segri. We first had dinner at Nga Coi Kai, which in direct translation is Taugey Ayam Street. XD Took quite a few dishes which I dearly missed when I was back in Kuching. Ordered Wantan Mee, Beef Noodle Soup, Char Kueh Tiaw and dessert (Hak Lo Mai) Then proceed to Jusco to watch Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, movie started at 11.20pm. I am not a big fan of Harry Potter but I must say that just like other Harry Potter movies, I cannot really compare all of them because they seemed equally interesting. After Harry Potter, we headed back straight to UTP. Until we realized it was such a waste since we rented the car whole day. Clare suggested we visit Lumut. So we called up Kavita, who later joined on an super early morning psycho trip to Lumut. It was 4.30am when we reached Teluk Batik, it was super eerie. With homeless-looked people sleeping at the hut and youngsters loitering around. It was through Kavita that we soon found out the case about a girl being raped and murdered there that we hurried back to the car and speed off. Our next destination was Lumut - time, around 5.30am. This time we drove around and dared not to get out of our car. By the time we finished going around Lumut, a few of us were practically snoozing off already. Clare wanted to explore other places, so we managed to reach Titi Panjang and Manjung. Just before sunrise, we reached UTP and was totally knocked out. Suprisingly, me, Clare and Sook Harn was able to wake up around noon, fully spirited to make another trip to Ipoh - this time for proper purposes, my dental appointment, buying groceries and attend sunset mass. My appointment was at 2pm, where I got my braces tightened. Shopped the whole afternoon, preactically filled up 2 large trories and total expenses reached around RM510!, which includes a rice cooker and 3 table lamps. Me and Clare even bought wallpaper to decorate our room, which we tried to make it as home-ly as possible, having the fact that we go home only end of the semester. Going to bed now, had 2 tiring days. Tata... l.o.v.e reaching UTP around 2pm, miss him dearly.

Me and Clare practically had our favourite colours on each side of her room. Her side is all blue and my side is all red - from bedsheets, wallpaper, table lamp to our pails, which mostly of them was without realizing. Even the Rubiks agreed (as shown in both pictures). XD
p/s : pic not clear as they were taken using lousy phone camera and in dim lighting.

More adventure to come tonight before me & the girls officially start our Undergraduate studies! Cheers and all the best!! X))

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lovey Dovey

Went to check on the flight ticket for MAS promotion.
Clicked onto "Get the Deal".
Only RM99 one way ticket from KL back to Kuching.
It was a great deal.
Suddenly miss home and had thoughts whether to go back.
But then I finally decided not to when everything will come up to almost RM400,
RM200 for flight, RM200 more for bus and taxi to and fro UTP-KLIA.
Some other activities may be done to occupy myself.

Just moved into my new room today.
love it - bigger bed, bigger cupboard, bigger table and nice scenery.
The only problem is that it is at the top floor.
Well, think posotively, at least other people's wet clothes will not drip on mine. (:

l.o.v.e made an extreme change to his hair style.
well, maybe notfor those who saw him in his current hair style before, it's not his first.
For more info, visit his blog. XD
So excited to meet him this Sunday.
His previous hair was super long, covering his eyes and ears..
He looks really different in his latest pic,
but still lovey dovey him... ^^

Power of Words

The girl was with this guy.
They were happy happy, sayang sayang.
Suddenly the guy threaten the girl.
That if she still hang out with other guys,
he will never be hers and she said fine,
because she loves her social life.
They threw words at each other,
and finally broke up.
The whole situation changed due to 1 sentence,
just in less than 24 hours.
Things could have work out better.

p/s #1 : the girl is not me. the guy is not him.
p/s #2 : they are some people I know.
p/s #3 : Remember "Words" sang by BeeGees?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Here I am blogging from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
with my dear roomie, Miss Clare Marie Sia An An using Airport Coach network
while waiting for the arrival of our bus to Medan Gopeng, Ipoh at 6.15pm.
I arrived on MH2515 from Kuching around 3.40pm and
waited for her at Delifrance (somewhere like Coffee Bean),
she arrived at 4.30pm, had Mocha Cruch while waiting.
I was in time to witness something I assumed was shocking.
This was the conversation between the lady at the counter (of Delifrance)
and a tourist from xxx.

Lady : "Yes Maam, may I help you?"
(the tourist pick up some kinda bread,
few bottles of drinks and put them on the counter)
(she then took out a discount voucher)
(the lady at the counter started counting the amount)

Tourist : "I'm in a hurry, if you can't give me discount it's ok."
(Lady continue counting)
(the tourist pick up the voucher sample in front of the counter)
Tourist : "You even have the voucher in front of the counter.
What's taking you so long?!"
Tourist : "Typical Malaysian!"
(at this time I wss really shocked bout what she said)
Lady : "Sorry I didn't understand what you were saying before."
Lady : "May I have your voucher please?"
(Tourist gave her the voucher, the lady calculated the bill in a rush)
(then the tourist stromed away)

(the lady continue checking her calculations suspecting she did some mistakes)
All of a sudden,
(the lady face her collegue)
Lady : "Aku kena bayar la......"
Collegue : "........."

(then the Lady start explaining what happened,
most probably saying the tourist was rushing her and
she made the mistake calculating the discounts.
After that I pretended I heard nothing.

Travelling alone all the way was kinda fun.
I get the seat towards the end (near the loo) in the plane.
Had the seat next to the window, and I was alone the whole row!!
the pathetic thing is I can't go to the loo when I was at the airport
I can't afford leaving my luggage nor
bringing them into the loo with me.

And the typical situation in airport is when
some weird people kept asking you whether you need
transport even though you kept rejecting each time they ask.

Going back to UTP!!
Sudden excitement, how will my new room be??
Main concern, will it be too small for my loads?? XD

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Laziness strikes!

I'm going back to UTP tomorrow, 2.05pm flight from KIA
and will reach KLIA around 3.45pm.
I only spent less than an hour packing.
I had seemed to get used to packing my stuffs and travel around.
1st from UTP to KL, 2nd from KL to Agrotec Ulu Langat,
3rd from Agrotec Ulu Langat to KL,
4th from KL to Kuching, 5th from Kuching to Village,
6th from Village to Kuching, 7th from Kuching to Village,
8th from Village to Kuching, 9th from Kuching to Village,
10th from Village to Kuching (I seriously went back 3 times),
and lastly, now from Kuching back to UTP *my starting point*.
I had been doing packings after unpackings that when I look at all my stuffs,
I knew what am I going to put in which luggage.
I knew what are the priorities, what should and should not I bring.
It's true that people learnt the best through experiences.
And now I'm praying to get some comfortable and cooling room back in UTP.
Going to move into new village and new room.
Yea, more unpackings to do.
Wish all the best of luck to my Kuching friends,
especially those going to sit for STPM.
Till we meet again! Xoxo~

Monday, July 13, 2009

Last, for now.

Did I mentioned about the shooting for Astro channel 180?
Well, we had to find other replacement dancers becausemy cousins
and I need to get back to Kuching before the shooting crew arrived.

Missed the opportunity but I'm sure God has other plans for us. (:

3rd trip back to my village I did nothing much.
Went back Friday afternoon by bus.
Aunt fetched us at Lundu bus terminal.
Friday night took dinner at my grandparents longhouse.
Later at night did musics check and dance practice.
Saturday morning we had Senam Seni, something like Aerobic.
Me and my cousins (the young ones XD) were sort of the instructors.
And the other older ladies followed us.
Saturday afternoon was teens day out.
It was day out to spot on cute guys, at least that's what we call it. XD
Planned to go back before sunset.
Last minute information that the shooting crews were still busy in Kuching.
So the shooting was postponed.
That was when we decided to hang out even longer.
Arrived home quite late, was already dark.
Saturday night attended some event organized by Biro Wanita.
Had buffet dinner and watched the ibu2 and bapa2 play music chair.
Had lucky draws as well, but we were not lucky enough. =.=

We came back yesterday morning.
The shooting was postponed to last night.
Had some other dancers replacing us.
Sent my cousins back to UITM and UNIMAS yesterday evening.
Chat with l.o.v.e...
But I forgave him, and he forgave me for being moody..
We managed to chat a while...xoxo

Did my nails before I went back to my Village...right hand~

Left hand~

Me and my cousins, at a Rethreat Resort somewhere at Lundu near Siar Beach.

Had my cousin put my make ups on for the event on Saturday night...

The crazy nothing-else-to-do journey we had...

1. Trip from village to Lundu, around 40km, plus to Siar beach.
2. Lundu to Sematan, another 30+km.
3. Sematan to Lundu, again...30+km.
4. Back to village from Lundu, 35+km.

Plus going around the town, some unknown kampungs for no reason
except because we were bored, totally travelled almost 200km..

Funny thing is we were so bored, we took 3rd trip just to check on cute guys.
But yea, we didn't get to see any. Haha...
*hopefully l.ov.e didn't notice what I just wrote XD*

Well, that will be my last trip going around in Sarawak...
Going back to Perak this Wednesday.
Gonna miss home.
Surveyed on flight tickets last night.
Actually planned to come back during Hari Raya.
But all the offer tickets sold out dy..
The cheapest I can get for return tickets is RM200+.
Cancelled my plan and decided to join l.o.v.e for IPG - a church camp.
He said I won't regret, I hope so...

Till then...
I need to start packing..
Arghh!! I hate this...

p/s : I don't know what I am feeling for my results.
Something more than I expected, but so alang2.. Sigh..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is my Mummy's birthday but sadly she went travelling.
She took off to Sibu yesterday and will only come back on Sunday.
She had to be the Guru Pemimpin for her students
joining the Young Scientist competition.
We celebrated her birthday earlier.
She was busy packing the whole Tuesday night.
So I offered myself to pick my younger brother up from tuition.
And then we secretly went to buy a cake from the bakery.
When we arrived home, she was still busy packing.
So we hide the cake in the refigerator.
When my Mum asked us : "Where is the tummy ache medicine?"
My brother said : "I find for you."
Then he went to take the cake out and of course my Mum was shocked. X)

Happy 45th Birthday Mummy!!

Mummy's Birthday Cake

LOL~ So cute, sempat lick the knife first...

May God bless you always ^^

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Feeling a Moment

When out with my cousins whole Sunday and whole Monday.
My cousins were going back to UITM and UNIMAS.
So we hang out before me and my Mum sent them back.

Me and my cousin who's studying in UNIMAS.

My 2 other cousins.
The guy is studying beauty and make up,
so don't blame the make ups he had.
The girl on the right is my cousin studying in UITM.

Whole Sunday, we went to Wisma Seberkas where my cousin got his hair dyed.
Then we went to tHe Spring,
cousin went to look for some make ups at Elianto, MAC and Stage.

Monday went to Satok, cousin went to his Beauty Acedemy for a while.
Then went India Street, cousin collected his pay for dance performance.
Lastly went to Hopoh.
Cousin bought a whole set of make up brushes.
He helped me and my other cousin to chose the right colour of concealer
and 2 way compact powder too.

Had great time.
Coming Friday all of us are going back to our village again. XD

p/s : don't blame the photo quality.
they're taken using only 3.2MP camera phone,
in not-so-good lighting (HongKong Noodle House, Seberkas)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Love, perhaps?

When I had feelings for guys,

I mean, not love but perhaps affections,

I will be hoping that he will notice my presence, at least.

Most of the time when we face this type of situation,

we will be hoping that the opposite will feel the same.

The not so daring type will stare at the opposite from far,

hoping the opposite to stare back and give a smile.

The daring type will of course go up front and confess.

Nothing is more wonderful than finding someone who loves you back.

But the in reality it is not so likely.

I've recently learnt that even when love meets,

there are still challenges ahead.

And people who are in love not necessarily can be together.

It's painful but usually that's the fact.

When I experience it the first time myself,

I felt like it was a fairy tale.

How can be two people be so in love but they can never be together?

I had always thought that love can unite.

Or when people love each other it will be like heaven.

But it's not, it may even cause pain.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


At last I am done with my blog.
Love the new look! ^^
Do you? XD
Comment me on it yea~

The top right corner was supposed to be for ad.
But I can't find any ad that size.
So I made my own collage and host the picture myself. *love it*

The red is just the correct one.
The type which is bright and striking. ^^
And white background is my all time favourite.

Didn't face much problem changing my template this time compared to the last.
Im sooooooo in love with red and white!! XD

Friday, July 3, 2009


My blog is currently undergoing a major make over.
Change template, colour theme, title and bla bla bla.
I'm browsing through my blogroll and removing those I believe will never touch their blog anymore.
There are seriously too many of them who just posted one or two posts then abandoned their blog.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

That's me

Slept at 5am, woke up at 6pm.

Skipped breakfast and lunch.

Didn't realized my phones' batteries when dead.

Switch on my phones and getting tonnes of messages,

and of course missed calls too.

People who messaged and called got mad at me.

I didn't bother.

Took dinner and continued watching TV.

Cousin working at Sarawak Cultural Village offered me to work as volunteer

during Rainforest Music Festival 2009 next week.

Free live shows many wanted.

I declined cause I hate crowds.

The typical me.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another Side of Me

Here comes the post on what I did when I got back to my village.
When I was younger, I had always wanted to be part of these.
But my parents were strict, I was not allowed to stay long.
Even though my holiday was long, I was forced to get back home early.
I did cried begging my parents to let me stay before,
and my cousins helped me as well because
we really spent great time together.

Until today when I am older, I was finally allowed to stay longer.
Of course, even then my parents called me everyday
and asked me when I was going to come back.

2 more weeks before getting back to Uni,
I had spent the past few weeks quite well.
Getting involved in something my interest and gaining new experience.
It was also something I had dreamt of during since I was a child.
Getting in those costumes and applying heavy make ups were not easy.
But the interest and effort were there in all of us.

Rumah Panjang Kampung Pueh, Sematan, Lundu

One of the accessory I had to wear around my belly.
I actually slept with this thing on because it had to be fixed earlier.
Spent almost an hour fixing it.
Slept for only 3 hours before the event.

With 3 other girls with me as the penyambut tetamu kehormat.
Standing on the left were aunts and cousin.

My cousins doing the traditional dance - Totong'k

Us, the penyambut tetamu

We were asked to pose for the photographer.

And again~ spotted?

Me~ at the rumah panjang balcony

Cousins & relatives~

Gereja St. Gregory, Selampit, Lundu

My famous *winks* pout I did in the car when we were on our way

Dearest cousin and me

Another younger cousin and me

Me at the location.

Fellow dancers~

Gereja Holy Spirit, Lundu

Right after make up, macam hantu LOL

Taken at location~

My cousin at location~

Us in action

Doing the circle~

Me and fellow cousins

Me and the make up artist.

Me and Mr.photographer (credits to him for the photos after this)

All of us~

Me, cousins and her friend


Another scene of us in action~