Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another Side of Me

Here comes the post on what I did when I got back to my village.
When I was younger, I had always wanted to be part of these.
But my parents were strict, I was not allowed to stay long.
Even though my holiday was long, I was forced to get back home early.
I did cried begging my parents to let me stay before,
and my cousins helped me as well because
we really spent great time together.

Until today when I am older, I was finally allowed to stay longer.
Of course, even then my parents called me everyday
and asked me when I was going to come back.

2 more weeks before getting back to Uni,
I had spent the past few weeks quite well.
Getting involved in something my interest and gaining new experience.
It was also something I had dreamt of during since I was a child.
Getting in those costumes and applying heavy make ups were not easy.
But the interest and effort were there in all of us.

Rumah Panjang Kampung Pueh, Sematan, Lundu

One of the accessory I had to wear around my belly.
I actually slept with this thing on because it had to be fixed earlier.
Spent almost an hour fixing it.
Slept for only 3 hours before the event.

With 3 other girls with me as the penyambut tetamu kehormat.
Standing on the left were aunts and cousin.

My cousins doing the traditional dance - Totong'k

Us, the penyambut tetamu

We were asked to pose for the photographer.

And again~ spotted?

Me~ at the rumah panjang balcony

Cousins & relatives~

Gereja St. Gregory, Selampit, Lundu

My famous *winks* pout I did in the car when we were on our way

Dearest cousin and me

Another younger cousin and me

Me at the location.

Fellow dancers~

Gereja Holy Spirit, Lundu

Right after make up, macam hantu LOL

Taken at location~

My cousin at location~

Us in action

Doing the circle~

Me and fellow cousins

Me and the make up artist.

Me and Mr.photographer (credits to him for the photos after this)

All of us~

Me, cousins and her friend


Another scene of us in action~

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