Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Feeling a Moment

When out with my cousins whole Sunday and whole Monday.
My cousins were going back to UITM and UNIMAS.
So we hang out before me and my Mum sent them back.

Me and my cousin who's studying in UNIMAS.

My 2 other cousins.
The guy is studying beauty and make up,
so don't blame the make ups he had.
The girl on the right is my cousin studying in UITM.

Whole Sunday, we went to Wisma Seberkas where my cousin got his hair dyed.
Then we went to tHe Spring,
cousin went to look for some make ups at Elianto, MAC and Stage.

Monday went to Satok, cousin went to his Beauty Acedemy for a while.
Then went India Street, cousin collected his pay for dance performance.
Lastly went to Hopoh.
Cousin bought a whole set of make up brushes.
He helped me and my other cousin to chose the right colour of concealer
and 2 way compact powder too.

Had great time.
Coming Friday all of us are going back to our village again. XD

p/s : don't blame the photo quality.
they're taken using only 3.2MP camera phone,
in not-so-good lighting (HongKong Noodle House, Seberkas)


Wan Lin said...

OMFG !!! u r in real luck babe!!! people always dun get the right choices of concealer and foundation.... and they have to spend $$ on consulting make-up artists!!! and u get the consultation for free !! hahahaha... yeah maylin... ~~

MayLin :: Melinda said...

I got to wear MAC make ups during performance dat day..
Felt so cool!

Wan Lin said...

ahhh im jealous ><

MayLin :: Melinda said...

He got 2 big boxes of make ups, brushes, wigs and etc..
Everything should cost thousand plus.
Wah....if me tak sanggup spend so much to look pretty la... haha