Friday, July 31, 2009

Better? Not.

University closed temporarily.
H1N1 virus mutated and worsened.
Evacuation happened.
Left hostel and felt homeless.
Spending extra cash.
Touring at hotel and hawker stalls.
Faced psychotic adventures.
More sensored words. wtf

Practically what happened today :

1. Skipped 8AM Intro to Oil & Gas lecture
2. Woke up at 10.30AM for 11AM Physical Geo lecture
3. Had Physical Geo first quiz
4. Rumours of Uni gonna close down during lecture
5. Came back & friends start to ask me pack fast
6. Packed luggage in less than 30 mins
7. Went down to Ipoh
8. Sat at Secret Recipe while getting stuffs settled for almost 2 hours
9. The guys bought us bus ticket to KL for tomorrow
10. Crossed a double line in front of the police
11. Got followed by the police to the train station
12. Suprisingly they eventually left before we got out of the car
13. Got into a hotel in Ipoh for the night
14. Squeezed 7 persons in a car to go for dinner
15. Back to hotel feeling exhausted & full


JeremyMelvin said...

Dear, so u're going to kl or back to utp??

MayLin :: Melinda said...

This post was before we decided to go back utp. It was around 12.30AM that we decided to return, and here I am replying you from utp. Haha