Saturday, August 1, 2009


Everything happened yesterday reminds me & my roomy of 28 days, like :
In the movie -those who don't evacuated the town will get infected & become zombies.
Mind thought in reality - those who don't evacuate Uni will get infected by H1N1 & die.
And l.o.v.e. said all the havoc happened yesterday was as if it's the end of the world.

It almost was the end of the world, spying back to my previous post.
Until we decided to drop all the plans and move back to our starting point.
As in me, Mich, Bel and Clare (read their side of the drama).
What a drama we had, drama queens people?

So here we are with our final decision - to be prisoned in UTP, for another 6 days.
Was lucky as well we canceled the plan to KL since there was a terrible riot happening.
Seems like it's true that the safest place is the most dangerous place.

Our approx 1 metre long receipt, RM400+ in total

Before the premis (UTP) was closed to public at 12pm,
we managed to shopped for food stocks for our prisoned life, with the help of Huei Ming.
Thanks a lot Dai Ka!!! Hehe... Miss her laughters and I-saw-a-ghost face... XD
It drizzled in UTP when we were just about to start our prisoned life.

It rained at last!

Is it a good sign for God? The weather had been terribly piercing hot lately.
As Terry mentioned, this is a good chance to start our training as housewives.

Life is getting more and more dramatic lately.
All the unexpected came striking,
and all we can do is pray hard and just follow the flow.
It maybe the worst or best,
but for sure this part of my life would be the most memorable.
Cause this is went everything seems to be endless! ^^

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