Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here, there. Where?

Had our first Physical Geology lab session yesterday.
Well, actually we DON'T have a lab sesion for Physical Geology.
Just that the lecturerS want us to take closer look at the rock types.
Physical Geology being very closely connected with the Earth,
which means of course we need to get IN CONTACT with what we are studying,
in order to enhance our understanding.
I was not really sure whether we learnt much,
cause we were actually having fun and was excited about all the AMAZING rock types.
We were given a box of 12 rock types to be identified,
and I had a sudden thought of making it a tag in Facebook.
Check it out on my Taggies album in Facebook.

Besides that, we also sempat take lots and lots of pictures.
Some are too silly to be shown here,
you can visit Amrith's photo album on Facebook for more details.

Group photo. From left,
Kamilla, Saddam, Amrith, Me and Mark.

My Dad should soooo see what am I doing now.
I can't believe that when I was 5 or 6 years old,
I saw these rocks in my Dad's office.
He even had his collections at home,
which I used to prevent my papers from flying away. lol
And I even grew up reading his geology books,
which I don't quite get it till today.
I grew up listening to his stories about fossils,
the rocks and soils types when we go on family trips.
He would tell us which types of soils are good for housing area,
which types are suitable for what kinda plants...
I will never forget him talking bout the "plateau",
which can be seen everytime we drive back to my Mum's village.
I always think that the plateau is something really amazing.
It never came through my mind that one day I will persue the same field.
It never came through my mind that his whole shelf of books will benefit me.
(I always thought they were NOTHING
cause I never expect myself to study Geology. lol)
Even my parents never thought so.
They never even hope so much for a scholarship.
When I was younger, I was almost immune by the word Doctor and Medical.
It was never really my ambition,
but that was what I was made to believe, that I HAVE to be a doctor.
But I guess it is fated that things go the other way,
the totally opposite way.
I was grateful I am not in a medical field,
cause all my friends knew how afraid I am towards needles,
and that I can't bear looking at serious wounds.
If I was to heal, I would tear before I even get to treat the patient.
I'm glad my parents are being fully supportive,
even when I asked whether I should drop Engineering and go for Geoscience. :D

That's how life goes so far.
Well, so far so good.
Except some DE quizes which I screwed.
And Intro to Oil & Gas lectures which I skipped.
And Academic Writing classes which I dreamt in.
And Physical Geo lectures which I was totally lost in.
And Rotaract AGM I need to skip due to Cocu.

I guess that's all bout it for now.
Tonight, something BIG. *winks*
Tomorrow night, something BIGGER. *tripple winks*
This Friday night, Semarak Mawadah Family Day.
This Saturday, Famine 30 hour.
Next Monday, Intro to Oil & Gas test 1.
Next Wednesday, Differential Equations test 1.

p/s : My Mum asked me to go back during Raya hoilday.
I knew my parents won't mind whatever the flight tickets prices are.
But I just dislike travelling up and down, i.e UTP to Ipoh to KL to Airport.
Is the ICG camp still on? Should I follow the girls to Cameron?
Will my decision to stay back make my Mum worried?
I'm undecided. I've yet to go home for 3 mid-sem breaks in a row.
So...apa macam??


Edgar said...

my guess:

no. 4 is obsidian?
no. 6 is basalt?

that's all i can remember. haha

MayLin :: Melinda said...

yea, both correct.
I think u remember pumice too, no.5. the name is too cute to forget..XD