Thursday, August 6, 2009

What lies ahead of Us

Our plan to get back to UTP and got ourselves prisoned ain't that bad after all.
Surprisingly we did stuffs that we never actually thought of.
Well, we didn't actually thought that one day we will be this free and bored.
Of course, we broke the rules countless times, like usual.

Just the right weather.
Me, Clare & Bel were actually planning to do some sports at the sports complex.
But ended up we cycled around and got too exhausted for sports.

This is Clare trying to make stick man for the 3 of us.
Still, enjoying...but all of a sudden...

The basketball rolled into the lake,
Clare only managed to take off her shoes,
and went in with her socks still on.
Luckily the ball didn't float far.

Had dinner our own style, chicken herbal soup.
And of course, with rice. XD

Bel felt like in heaven when there's tomato sauce.

Mich enjoying her chicken drumstick.

Me, as always having more rice than anything else. XD

Clare with her soupy-rice.

"Clare"'s bike

"My" bike

"Bel"'s bike

The next day we were awaken by the loud bang on our door.
It felt like something was going to demolish the room.
It was the people coming to do disinfecting activities.
We had to vacate our rooms for 2 hours.
So we ended up walking to v4 cafe sleepily with eyes half open.
After going back to our rooms around 12PM,
we went out to Ipoh to buy roller blades around 3PM.

Clare bullying the cat.
It turned out that when she did a quiz in Facebook after that,
something like "which animal are you",
she's a cat herself. XD

Me & Sook Harn at Tong Shui Kai.

Mich was napping, and Bel tried to fed her. lol

Bel taught me how to blade.
I gave up the last time I blade.
I'm not gonna give up this time.

Bel, Me & Mich

Clare, Me & Bel

Saw this bike in Uni.
Wonders who it belonged too.
I want!!!

I just got back from Lumut with l.o.v.e
Went straight to the main hall for health screening.
They just took our body temperature.
36.6 degrees - normal.
It was a surprise since the weather was so hot,
and I almost fainted walking from Mesra Petronas to the Main Hall.

For some reasons,
I'm feeling so happy right now..
All I can do is - Smile!


Wan Lin said...

oh ok... this is the reason she went into the lake... i tot got some other stupid reasons... hahahaha

u ppl... holiday gonna end d.. haha.. gonna see u ppl tomolo!!

MayLin :: Melinda said...

when we reached there, got "coincidently" another reason....
haha XD

SengYee said...
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SengYee said...

nice chicken u girls are having..!!

MayLin :: Melinda said...

home cook marh...
of coz la...
and see who were the chefs..haha

天狼星 Ivanov said...


你懂啦,MICH 不出去有点不可思议!

Edgar said...

woahh... i miss roller blading!!

MayLin :: Melinda said...

ivan : so was lil upset not going back to kch...but roller blading did help, abit.. haha

edgar : let's make roller blading a trend! *uh..that's sounds wrong* looking forward to see u balde! heheh