Friday, August 21, 2009

Boys like Girls

I had been mourning for 48 hours.

I had been sleeping for 16 hours.

Got this feverish feeling, and nausea.

I skipped a whole day of lectures.

I skipped 2 breakfast, 2 lunch and soon 2 dinner.

At last I got someone to talk to.

Wan Lin was here and we talked.

She was a good listener, love her loads.

She said it's normal.

She faced the same before, even my other girlfriends.

Girls ARE extra sensitive.

And boys ARE not understanding enough.

That's what we concluded.

And that's what caused all the misunderstandings.

Moreover, you're from a convent school.

The space you wanted, I'll give you.

Hope you'll soon figure.

Love you, always.

Thanks to my girls who are always there for me.

You help me to forget what I'm facing.

Love ya all~

p/s : just a lil more till I complete it, pls wait...


Daphnee said...

darl, u ok? stay strong ya. xoxo!

MayLin :: Melinda said...

im doing fine..
thanks to u girls..
i'll try my best to be strong..
even at my weakest point..:)