Thursday, June 23, 2011

If today is my last day

People had been talking about the end of the world, some said that it will be this year *gasp* but I guess majority would think that it will be next year, especially after the movie 2012 was premiered. When mentioning that next year will be the end of the world, what do you have in mind? Fear? Regrets? Confusion? Angry? Irritated? Joy wtf? As for me I do feel a lil bit of confusion. Confused whether to believe that it is true or not. If you Google up the proofs that 2012 is going to happen, you will know why. There had been a lot of discussions and arguments on this topic so it is really confusing. What if I believe? What can I do? And if I don't believe, will I regret that I didn't believe? wtf

But if today is my last day, I will probably have no regrets. It is true that there are so many things on my wishlist, so many things that I still want to do. There are so many things that I want to do for my loved ones. But I have always believe that God has plans for each and everyone of us. That if I die today, He had it planned and I will not go against His will. Being loved and loving others is perhaps what I am proud to achieved and make me living without regrets if the world ends tomorrow. If you think you have yet to find love, then seek for it before it is too late. It's all around you, you just need to explore.

I have neutral thoughts about the end of the world. I do wake up and thank God that I am still alive. But I never put my hopes too high. I had been living this life with the thoughts and worries that I may not wake up alive the next day. And the bf said that I am being silly and is worrying my ass off wtf. He said I am too stressed out about this whole thing. Well, because I am well prepared to accept death doesn't mean I am over stressed. This may sound freaky but I had been living prepared to accept any bad news about me or my loved ones.

I usually have these aims and I am satisfied as long as I work hard for it even if I don't achieve it. I complain but I will soon accept fate. As for someone studying Geology, indeed the continents may crash one day getting back as one before the current arrangement, but that will take another millions or billions of year. And if Earth is a star that will fade one day, it will also take billions of years.

Towards the myth or fact that the world is going to end, some people are freaking out. Wanting to die beside the loved ones, wanting to know when is the actual day, wanting to do everything before dying, want to die painless and peacefully and etcetera. But I just have this thought in mind, if it's going to end, it's going to end. No matter where you are and with whom so please don't put your aim so high, else you won't die peacefully wtf. My Mum always had the same thoughts too, that if God planned for your death, you just go anywhere, anytime. And Daddy finds it freaky. We don't take death for granted, but what else can we do? Or perhaps you can stop death?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My past life

So I read a friend's blog about this and here is mine:

Your past life diagnosis:
I don't know how you feel about it, but you were female in your last earthly incarnation.You were born somewhere in the territory of modern USA South-Center around the year 650. Your profession was that of a warrior, hunter, fisherman or executor of sacrifices.
Your brief psychological profile in your past life:
You always liked to travel and to investigate. You could have been a detective or a spy.
The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation:
You should develop self-love and ability to implant hope into hearts of people. Ambition is not everything. True wealth is buried in your soul.
Do you remember now?

What are my thoughts after reading it:
Perhaps I was a woman, ok. But I was a warrior?? Hunter?? What fisherman?? Is that why I hate fish so much in my present life? Cause honestly I don't eat fish much, maybe that's why I am dumb2 *not enough Omega wtf*.

I would still like being a spy. Can I still be a spy? Like Angelina Jolie? lol. Okay. self-love....self-love... But sorry I don't remember anything wtf. That was 2011-650=1361 years ago wtf.

You should try too, maybe you could remember yours. lmao. Click (here)


Usually when people see me they will think that I am girly2, those type who wear skirts and dresses. My looks may be deceiving cause my frame is tiny and my height is perhaps a bit less than average. Yes I am not admitting than I am old wtf I am going 21 *gasp*. People who seen me and my brothers for the first time or had never known any of us would have thought I am the youngest.

Well that's not what I want to talk about this time. I just want guys out there to know that not all girls like to wear dresses and skirts, what more to say that those clothes easily zao geng wtf maybe that's why guys like. Do you know I wear the same clothes I go to field trips, to lecture and to the mall? T-shirts, jeans/shorts, sneakers/slippers and done. And the same suit when I go on vacation or when I just sit and chill with my friends.

Tee, shorts, slippers

Tee, jeans, slippers

Tee, shorts, wedges (wtf same tee as above)

Tee, jeans, sneakers, jacket
(it's not even cold but to avoid direct sun contact wtf) and safety hat

I wouldn't mind wearing weird fashions like 2NE1, they are fashionista I look up to. And I have this thought that if only I marry someone like G-Dragon of BigBang or Key of SHINee or JaeJoong of JYJ or Micky of JYJ wtf so many then I don't mind having my wardrobe crashed again (yes, it crashed recently because there were so many clothes. I called the maintenance and had some clothes kept in the boxes, for now)


G-Dragon Kpop Fashionista King

The only time I will wear dress is for special occasions and that is like, twice a year?? It is just that girls in UTP is just different, we are special that we don't want to be defeated by guys so we fight for our rights that we can be like guys also wtf am I talking about. Or maybe I am just talking about myself wtf. I am a proud human being and truthfully thank God that girls are given the opportunity to wear both pants and skirts/dresses wtf.

The special occasion and now this dress is somewhere at the corner of my wardrobe back home

After I put most of my unused clothes in the box (to avoid calling the maintenance again) I realized I only have a few clothes left which I keep wearing. And the wardrobe looks so much clearer, now I can see the back of it through the gaps between the clothes. It used to be so packed I can barely hang them properly wtf.

I actually got lots of updates to do. Went for Ipoh Star Walk 2011. Participated by almost 14k people. Cannot even see the head or tail, me and my friends were like, stuck in the middle. No matter how hard we tried (how fast we walk/run), we still can't see the head. Well I think we were not really in the middle, a bit more front, maybe the first quarter wtf.

After Star Walk managed to catch Green Lantern, not as good as I expected from the trailer. Storyline kinda flat. It ended so easily and fast. I was expecting something else to happen after the villain got killed, like there is another villain or the villain didn't actually died, anything that will twist the movie but suddenly it's a kissing scene wtf. I didn't watch Super 8 but I saw reviews. Rather than watching Green lantern and Super 8, I'd rather watch X-Men again. While waiting for Transformers :)

Off I go, feeling very bloated and dizzy right now. Had too much caffeine. 1 glass white coffee and 1 can of Nescafe, in a row. Wrong move.

By the way I am planning to get a high end point and shoot camera, lightweight for travelling purpose. Any suggestions?

Friday, June 17, 2011

what else to do

I had been so lazy to blog. This semester started off boring, it is still boring. We have the same few lecturer since 2 years ago revolving around. You see them in 2 different classes, and sometimes get confused which class are you in. Had been sick the past few days, not really sick as in I need the hospital but flu was there since a week ago, and migraine was bad. I had to miss 2 days of classes.

Today is lecture free, and boring. The only thing I am waiting for is Euphonious 2011 happening tonight. I mentioned I registered for Ipoh Star Walk 2011 which will be on the coming Sunday, exactly on Father's Day. I am not sure whether I am not yet excited or I just feel like procrastinating. I had been watching Family Outing non stop for the past weeks the semester started and I just finished Secret Garden in 2 days. Next will be Iris and I will be grabbing for Korean drama(s) from the friends. We are all having Korean fever, somehow.

Well, lets move on with Iris. It is a top rated drama and the genre is unlike most Korean drama with relationship and family conflicts, cry cry etc. The main reason I am going to watch this is because TOP BigBang is in it and he was given got review. Also a fan of Ha Ji Won, she may not be the prettiest Korean actress but at least she don't look so much like a fake doll.

Alright, off I go. Annheonghegaseyo... :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

East Msian making passport in West Msia

These are probably not mentioned by the Immigration Department website or even stated at the Immigration office so to prevent more disappointment, I am sharing my experience here.

Last Wednesday, I went to make passports with the bf at Ipoh Immigration Office. Before going there, I checked out the maps, all the fees and documents required. So we drove all the way from our Uni, which took about 45minutes with speed around 90km/h shown on the GPS, minus traffic lights and all. So actually it took almost an hour wtf.

Once we arrived, we filled up the form and took our numbers. When it was our turn, we were told that those from Sabah and Sarawak are required to bring original birth certificate. How could we be bringing our birth certificate all the way here right? We only travel using our identification card (IC). So after that 1 hour drive and skipping lunch just to get there in time, it's all wasted.

They mentioned on the notice board that it will take 2 hours to complete the passports. But that is not the case if you are from Sabah or Sarawak, making passport in West Malaysia. They said since the law is different, they need to refer back to the Sabah and Sarawak Imigration office for approval. Thus will take 5 working days.

Feeling so disappointed, we went to McDonalds and ate our heart out, and cursing all the way wtf. So much for being called One Malaysia. This is so going to be in my Malaysian Studies assignment. We understand that the laws are actually beneficial to us, but at least state them in the website. In the Immigration website, it is only stated as Malaysian above 18 years old and etc. They didn't mention that Sabah and Sarawak will need extra documents, extra days and perhaps extra fees, no?

So Sabahan and Sarawakian out there who want to make your passport in West Malaysia (avoiding the hassle of going all the way back to your hometown), make sure your prepared the original and photostated copies for both IC and birth certificate. Save your time, money and energy going back and forth. I checked so many websites but nobody seemed to mention about case like this.

Link to Malaysia Immigration Department:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Result day

We had been waiting for our results since the first day we started our semester.

There were rumors here and there on the dates which the result will be announced.

At last there was an official announcement that it will be announce today at 2PM.

True enough like what a friend said, even if it is already 3PM, the result will not be out.

Usually we check out result through our Student Portal named Prism.

What is more disappointing, Prism was not only disable,

they made a hard copy announcement asking us to collect them at the office.

The just a small room with a counter.

Imagine the queue...... @.@

So I figured I won't die if I check my results a few days after, or even next week.

People skip classes to go collect the result slips.

I am anxious cause I didn't do so well last semester,

but we'll a few days time :)

Update 1:

-For matrix number below 12600, please go to the exams unit counter to get your result or you can send name and ID to the contact below,
-For matrix number between 12600 and 15826, the result will be sent to you by email, but if you did not get your result, you have to send email to the contact below or go to the exams unit counter.
-For those who are doing internship you can email to staffs below:

Sorry for inconvenience. We wish all the best for your result.

p/s: They said will email by 2pm, but till now no email. Whatever la, tak dapat result last semester pun takpe. If fail any subject sure they will email ask us to repeat right. Pity those whose matix number is after 12600 and they queue up for hours before getting this update.

Update 2:

I got my result via email last night.
I see improvement and hope to score better this semester :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

First cash out!

The Churcp Churcp cum Nuffnang survey above should be giving you RM1 for sponsored post if you are the first 1000 to do the survey. But I guess I was too late~ Other bloggers and non bloggers out there, have you completed the survey? It is actually quite fun, unlike some lame academic surveys. *ooopsss remembering my Academic writing semester where I need to do surveys as well*

Okay back to main topic. I am proud to annouce that I can now cash out my first Nuffnang earning!! Well I can cash out at RM50 but I thought it was unecessary so I waited to hit my next target which is RM100. Now I need the money for my travelling expenses so I am going to cash it out!

Speaking about this, I have never thought of earning from blogging. It was just merely where I talk craps and share crappy stuffs. It is fun! I know the fun side of it is degrading, the frequency of posting is going down hill. But I assure you that there will be posts which you will look foward too. Still, thanks Nuffnang!

It may not be comparable with bloggers who earn more that the value above in 1 day. I earned this much after 4 years wtf. Though I joined Nuffnang kinda late. I didn't know about Nuffnang when I started blogging. However it is still surprising cause I didn't actually blogged day and night or strained my brain thinking what to post, how to post everyday. I just post whenever I want. And my followers had increased! Thanks to much for the supports! 감사합니다!

p/s: I am learning Korean language or Hangul. Whoever knows where to learn it in Ipoh, Perak plssssssssss let me know. This is kinda urgent!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Friday was productive, I think.

Productive that at least I didn't spend my day sleeping.

Was out watching X-Men: First class.

Was a nice movie, would be better if we weren't sitting at 3rd row.

But the cinema was packed, totally.

Did some groceries shopping while waiting.

At night went for CSS introduction night.

We were late for mass, but great to see all of them again.

Saturday was not quite.

Woke up late and spent my day watching Korean shows.

Made and ate sushi.

More Korean shows.

Had mamak for supper.

Okay now off to bed.

I have something in mind but I am just plain exhausted,

from...........watching shows :P


p/s: Sorry no images. I should get a camera.

No need dslr, just a semi compact. come...

And the title not related.

The only thing related is I am getting backache
for sitting too long watching Korean shows wtf