Thursday, June 9, 2011

East Msian making passport in West Msia

These are probably not mentioned by the Immigration Department website or even stated at the Immigration office so to prevent more disappointment, I am sharing my experience here.

Last Wednesday, I went to make passports with the bf at Ipoh Immigration Office. Before going there, I checked out the maps, all the fees and documents required. So we drove all the way from our Uni, which took about 45minutes with speed around 90km/h shown on the GPS, minus traffic lights and all. So actually it took almost an hour wtf.

Once we arrived, we filled up the form and took our numbers. When it was our turn, we were told that those from Sabah and Sarawak are required to bring original birth certificate. How could we be bringing our birth certificate all the way here right? We only travel using our identification card (IC). So after that 1 hour drive and skipping lunch just to get there in time, it's all wasted.

They mentioned on the notice board that it will take 2 hours to complete the passports. But that is not the case if you are from Sabah or Sarawak, making passport in West Malaysia. They said since the law is different, they need to refer back to the Sabah and Sarawak Imigration office for approval. Thus will take 5 working days.

Feeling so disappointed, we went to McDonalds and ate our heart out, and cursing all the way wtf. So much for being called One Malaysia. This is so going to be in my Malaysian Studies assignment. We understand that the laws are actually beneficial to us, but at least state them in the website. In the Immigration website, it is only stated as Malaysian above 18 years old and etc. They didn't mention that Sabah and Sarawak will need extra documents, extra days and perhaps extra fees, no?

So Sabahan and Sarawakian out there who want to make your passport in West Malaysia (avoiding the hassle of going all the way back to your hometown), make sure your prepared the original and photostated copies for both IC and birth certificate. Save your time, money and energy going back and forth. I checked so many websites but nobody seemed to mention about case like this.

Link to Malaysia Immigration Department:

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ken said...

good reminder to citizens from east malaysia.. but i gotta agree with u, why the double standards? 1malaysia, no? :)