Saturday, August 17, 2013


Had been missing for the whole first half of August due to hectic schedule.

I'm graduating in like...3 weeks? :D

Time flies, it had been more than 5 years in this University.

Feeling excited for what the future holds, yet still feeling slightly unprepared.

Travelling would probably change my mindset and allow me to experience the world?

Let's see where the budget takes me.

For now: 2 presentations, 2 reports, 1 tests, 3 final exams.

Future will be known on coming Tuesday the 20th.

Scholars' interview result.

Stay positive.

My encouragement, my Dad.

"Don't study too hard. Go eat nice food, sleep more!"
On the side note, I just visited the dentist.

Did filling and scaling, spent more than expected.

But after I did braces, I don't fear dentist.

In fact I might fear needles a little bit less now,  after being "poked" 4 times for a blood test.
Next post will be after I complete everything!

Might come back to blog-sphere, it'll be a full-time job till I get an actual full-time job.

Have a great weekend! ^^