Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just saying~

Now having Gawai mood.

Picture taken after my Form 5 I think,

or was it during my foundation year.

Nevertheless, this year, again, no Gawai.

I have the choices.

To stay until Gawai, which will be skipping 2 weeks of lectures.

Or to go back, but tickets damn expensive.

It's festive season.

And all the tourists will be going to Kuching to watch Rainforest World music fest.

It's now school holidays.

But it's only the beginning for us.

Public holidays back in Sarawak.

Can I make my own Public holidays?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5th sem

I am back to Uni.

Already in Third year.

2 more years left till I graduate.

Though it felt like I never left.

Now having add and drop dilemma.

Timetable this semester is kinda cool.

Classes from Monday to Wednesday only, I think.

To be confirmed again within this week.

But for this one subject where we need to go for a week long field trip.

The only time is when semester break starts.

How can it be during the holidays??

So I need to find the lecturer tomorrow to discuss.

Cause I already had other plans on.

After all it was already mentioned in our academic calender.

Lectures from 9am to 1pm tomorrow.

Off to bed~

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Branded vs Unbranded

This is our topic today.

Branded & casual VS Unbranded & fashionable

The one and only and only one reason I chose this topic is because I can't stop shopping. yeah so I have this "disease" that most girls have, I am not saying all. And I must had inherited it from my Mum. The boyfriend would agree much. ehehehhee *evil smile* I remember my Dad sent me an email when I was in Uni asking me to reduce online shopping. Because when I was at home my parcels came almost everyday, sometimes twice a day. In Uni, the postman recognizes me and each time would jokingly ask what I bought this time. Or "Kenapa kali ini kecil saja?" or "Nak buka saloon?" when I said it's a hair product. They even memorized my name and hostel so everytime I go to collect my parcel I don't need to present my ID and tell them my hostel already wtf.

If you know me well you must had known that I am a fan of SHINee, a kpop boyband. A member Key, born 1991, yeap 1 year younger than myself, is a fashionista who is comparable with G-Dragon of Big Bang, SS501 Kim Hyun Jong and TVXQ JaeJoong. Check here at allkpop. Key once mentioned that even if a girl is not good looking, her sense of fashion is important. It is will be the way for her to stand out. And that even a girl is pretty, it will not work out if she doesn't know how to dress up.

So I was browsing through the net, not particularly to shop but I always end up at some kinda blogshop wtf. I found out that Asian clothes, especially from Japan, Korean, Taiwan or China are very fashionably type. They can mash up any colour in the world, any material types, and come out with odd looking but amazing fashion.

Or Japanese street fashion. You get what I mean, just check out those Harajuku styles. Like you just pop out from a manga or anime wtf.

These are the styles which go against the rules (as mentioned by SHINee) but is considered normal there. And these clothes can be purchased at some night market or bazaar at reasonable price. Whereas for Western styles, are most simple. For example in Malaysia, Zara, Topshop, Pull & Bear, Somerset Bay, GAP etc..Link

These fashion and styles are most simple and plain looking. They have those matte colours, which is suitable for all ages (mind you those striking colour are worn by aunties and grandmas as well in Japan)

Colours are added bit by bit but not striking overall. I am not saying everyone in that particular part of the world is wearing the similar type of outfits. This is just a generalization. Considering majority teenagers and young adults.

Fashionable clothes, I mean really fashionable, are commonly used only a few times (because fashionista don't reuse clothes wtf). They are used only a few times for mix and match then either thrown, given away or let to pile up in the cupboard. These clothes are usually not so expensive, materials are not of the best quality. And you purchase it based on quantity. More means u got more sets of clothes to mix and match la. However for the simpler clothes, the first thing to check s the quality. If the quality is good then the price doesn't matter. And usually you use the clothes until it rots wtf, or if your body size changes.

I can type this because I go for both. When I go out I want something attractive looking so I go for striking colours. And branded ones usually don't come so striking so I picked mine up from any boutiques selling Korean, Japanese or Taiwan imported clothes. For formal stuffs and for attending .Another great thing about buying at boutiques is that they only order 1 or 2 at most. So you don't end up wearing the same clothes with an aunty on the streets. Unlike the branded ones, usually sold in bulk at the stores.

I am not sure which am I now. My Uni is kinda dull type, no one really dress up because we stay in the middle of no where, specifically in the jungle with monkeys, lizards and wild boars so no one actually bothered. We dress up once in a while for dinner or outings and that's all...boringggg. That is why I have both options in my wardrobe. I can be fashionista if I want to but another thing, Malaysia is so hot. Can die of those mix and match and all the layerings. I will make sure I dress up all fashionista when I am in Japan or Korea. *I don't Care*

So which are you? The fashionista or the casual?

*images from google images

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cars apartment

This, is Volkswagen autopay carpark.

Sangat cool!

Looks so unrealistic, macam dalam movie Science Fiction.

Robocop, Transformer, X-men gtu...

They are cars apartment.

I first saw the images in Discovery magazine and I didn't believe they really exist.

Share this video too so that now you believe it is real..

Kereta high class, apartment kereta kene la high class gak... ehehehe :)

No need driver, all using machine. Cooool!

**all images credit to google image
video credit to youtube :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

what's next?

Taken at KLIA last night in the boarding hall!

Now.......I'm back home!

Tomorrow is a holiday.

Happy Wesak Day!

Will be kinda busy since I only got a week to loosen up.

Till then...

Love, me :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Yesterday went out with #thebf.

Watched Thor and had Burger King.

We had couple Polo tee and couple Casio watches wtf

Didn't take picture.

He was kinda moody because lunch was not nice lol

And when we bought our train tickets, the queue was super long.

The ETS system was down, and people didn't queue up appropriately.

Oh well. We had a nice ending for 2nd Year!

Going to 3rd Year!

Going to have a week of semester break.

I am going back home today!

Home sweet home! :D


Friday, May 13, 2011

101 Things to do before you die

Check out this cute website about

101 things to do before you die

Which of them have you accomplished?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Battlefield Day 3

Did I mentioned in my last post about not studying past years

and the paper came out exactly like past year?

You know what's worst?

Studied past year but went totally blank because was mentally exhausted.


How can study so hard, studied for exactly what came out okayyyy...

But suddenly during exam dunnoe what to write.

After exam went for lunch then remembered what the answers were.

That's when I realized I can't work under constraint and pressure fml.'s over!

Tonight going for buffet steamboat/BBQ,

bowling and maybe catch a movie with the coursemates!

Can't wait to go home. #homesick

Maybe I should not aim so high.

Else the fall will be too painful to bear :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Battlefield Day 2

Ok if you guys still don't know.

My batch is the 2nd batch taking Petroleum Geoscience

so we only have 1 batch of seniors.

Means 1 past year paper for each subject.

Really sad case but if you think of the first batch,

even more sad case :'(

So I had 2 papers today.

Memang crap la cause every semester I sure have 2 papers in one day.

The paper on the left (QAB2033) came out exactly like past year 98%.

Arrangement pun sebijik (means exact mold la).

The thing is I went through past year to check what I don't need to study fml.

Cause this subject's scope actually kinda wide.

There are so many possible styles of questions.

Nak jugak come out exactly memang fml cause I totally studied what didn't came out.

The paper on the right (TBB1073), this one lagi crap.

This subject we asked the lecturer why Geoscience students need to study.

It is programming la if you see my previous lame post you'll know.

The lecturer also don't know why we need to take fol

He said the management arrange for us to take so take la double fol

This one also come out past year, which I didn't study fml

So screwed cause I wrote the same thing for 4 questions ehehehehe *slaps self*

Only last question I know how to do cause it's database, not progamming.

Now I really thank God I am doing Geoscience it's more my-thing.

These crappy minors stuffs always screw up everything.

Ok now need to study for tomorrow morning's paper!

Not enough time so just study past year and pray hard it will be exact fml.


Aja aja! Fighting!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Y U NO??

When you see the [WH]Y [YO]U NO man,

or some call it #foreveralone man,

you know that person is going through some shitsss

Saturday, May 7, 2011

UTP May 2011 intake status

For those applied for UTP May 2011 intake.

You can now check your status here....

If you are being offered Petroleum Geoscience, you can email me for any inquiries.

About the cafe food, hostel, internet, sports complex, library etc also can wtf.

Those who got in, Congratulations!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Battlefield Day 1

First Paper, Done!

Next Paper, Monday.

2 Papers on Monday


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ipoh Star Walk 2011

Date: 19 Jun 2011
Time: 7am
Venue: Stadium Indera Mulia, Ipoh
Distance: 7km (non-competitive) and 10km (competitive)
Registration Fees: RM10 and RM15
Contact: 05-2530402
Closing date: 20 May 2011
Details here
Online registration here

Or print this registration form:
Offline registration ends 9 May 2011

I'm going, are you? :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm on fireee! I have collected my KMs, what about you?!

Race and win a chance to Blackberry, Ipad and Movie pass!!